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Sound volume.. Retail vs Beta

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    Sound volume.. Retail vs Beta

    I'm having a weird issue here.. The sound in the beta was kinda loud and clear, a marines squads firing heavy bolters made a clear bum bum bum bum sound. However in retail, with the same computers settings, the sound sounds... silenced somehow, less distinct, almost like having cotton in your ears. The nice bum bum from beta has been replaced by mum mum, it's not a big issue, but I'd like to know if I'm going crazy or something really changed in the game about this and if there is a way to put it back the way it was in beta. (I played with the sound sliders but it doesn't change much)

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    Hi Bifrons, this sort of problem belongs in DoW Bugs, not Technical Discussions.
    Nevertheless, have you tried starting the Demo again to see if the difference still exists, or if maybe something has changed with your sound settings?

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    Moving to appropriate forum.

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