For people having bluescreen crashes, Relic's asking for some additional information.

From Nutter:

There's some more information that is needed to find out what the driver is causing the system to crash/reboot:
1) That error log entry should also mention a file (something like C:\Windows\memory.dmp), I'll need that file. For anyone who doesn't know, you can find the error log by going to Control Pannel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer > System Log, and look for errors in the list.

Sometimes a .dmp file is not created - if this is the case for you, just copy all the information that the system log has for the error out to a text file and send that.
An example of what I'll need (will vary):
Error code 0000009c, parameter1 00000000, parameter2 8054da70, parameter3 c4104000, parameter4 00000136.

2) Download pstat.exe from here: here (Windows 2000) or here (WindowsXP SP2) (it should also be on your Windows XP CD somewhere). Open a command prompt (Start > Run > type CMD and press enter). Change to wherever you have pstat.exe and run it, sending its output to a file, ie:
pstat > pstatout.txt
I'll need this (pstatout.txt in my example) file also.
3) A dxdiag dump (Start > Run, type DXDIAG, press enter, then click Save All Information). Send me that file also.

Just make sure that you haven't installed/updated/changed any drivers or system settings between the time you have your computer reset (when the memory.dmp file gets created) and when you gather this information, as the information will likely be incorrect then. Send these files via e-mail to

It'd be appreciated if anyone else having their systems reset while playing Dawn of War (this does NOT mean just having DoW crash, sound stutter, etc - your system has to either reset itself or crash with a Blue Screen [BSOD]) could follow these same EXACT steps and send me the 3 required files. Make sure that you include ALL the information/files I've asked for, as only 1 or 2 are completely useless.