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nebula photoshop tutorial

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    nebula photoshop tutorial

    This tutorial was copied, edited, and trimmed from the original thread in the Gallery. ohaunliam's explanation of how to create a nebula in Photoshop is very well done and the type of helpful knowlege-sharing we appreciate here. Thanks to ohaunliam for the tutorial, and the rest of you enjoy!


    I've been trying to do some space themed work to post in the gallery. I'm pretty satisfied with what I've come up with. These are photoshop creations accept the starfield which is a max render (I need particals practice.)


    Was looking at vijil's movie (or is it somebody else making that hw movie) and noticed his stars were in major need of improvement (as seen in his clips). So I made something in max and took a picture cause it turned out better than I thought I could do.

    As for how I made em (N=new layer) ...
    0. fill background: black.
    1. (N)render clouds(white+black), render defference clouds, erase all black, Repeat about 6-8 times.
    2. (N)render clouds, erase all black. 3. (N)sketch nebula basic shape.
    4. quickly and messily erase everything outside your shape in each of the cloud layers (view one layer at at time)
    5. merge each cloud layer down onto own white filled layer, invert, set as 'screen', air brush similar colors in random patterns (air brush set to soft light), set oppasity to 10-30% for each layer
    6. (N)repeat step 1 once, set brightness to -100 contrast +30 (tweek contrast to taste), lasso/copy/paste interesting formations
    7. (N) create new blank layer under each formation layer pasted, lightly airbrush -white- directly under formation
    8. (N)create black filled layer set as 'screen', add lens flare (20% is the biggest I use), repeat as desired (vary color and size- use transform to get really small 'stars') (one lense flare per layer so you can move em around to your liking easier)(mix some of these both above and below what you made in steps 6 and 7.
    9. Add premade star field set as 'screen'
    10. flatten image, save, and your done

    -I may have forgotten a thing or two... easier to do than explain. Try it out its a lot of fun. First one took me about 6 hours and 50% of the time was creating the above system with 80% of the remaining spent just tweeking things. Second one (green) took me 4 hours, but I worked at twice the size I needed then reduced it when finished.

    [edit] Thanks thorn for the hosting [edit]

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    Umm, the site that thorn was hosting those images has moved.
    If someone would like to email me the original images, I'd be happy to host them again.
    PM or email me for more info.

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