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Concept/cool/sci-fi art sites

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    Concept/cool/sci-fi art sites

    If you've got any links to sites of this kind lying around, PM a gallery moderator (deadguy, vijil) to have them added to the list.
    _______________________ - Surrealist science fiction digital paintings with some cool artistic poetry built into them. This contains pieces by many of the game industry's best, including an entire community of artists and a wealth of tutorials. - this guy designed everything for the new Star Wars films. Has tutorials and a fair swag of neeto art. - want to see and learn pro concept art skillz? This is where you go. A car based site, the skillz can be used for anything. I find it really inspirational. - some inspirational sci-fi matte art, this guy is the king of the pen tablet.

    eschaton art - cool spaceship art, ink mostly. - a guy who does cool art and stuff - tutorials, mecha, anime, other stuff... - more, in case the rest sucked. - a chinese sounding dude who draws. Cool.

    my very own art, see what you think
    - character artist, pretty alright.
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