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How to beat space marines?

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    How to beat space marines?

    i cant beat marines! i beat all other races but hardly ever sm. plaese help!

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    Maybe you can give us some details on what you can't beat so we can give suggestions?

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    they always get dreads 2 quick and munch up my infantry, then when i get 1 dread it gets mobed by 3 of theirs

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    sounds to me like your new to the game, read some of the SM strats, here then come back and tell us your still having problems.

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    Maybe you should save your games vs the rines and look closely to their B.O. It seems that you're slower with teching to Dreads than them, so my advice is.. nick their B.O.. and claim it's yours! :bandit:


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    My advice would be to get some rocket launchers quickly instead of having dread duels. Dreads can be out paced by marines so you can take them down with no losses unless the dreads have Assault cannons. So get your marines rockets and then either shoot and fall back or send in a unit to keep him busy while rockets eat him up.

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    There is a Dreadnot-dealing-with topic somewehere here, if I'm correct...

    Try Assault Marines with Meltabombs. Also remamber to buy upgrades for infantry in the Armory, they're worth their prize

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    you need to cripple his flags and keep flags down with cloaked Scouts and lps on yours then hit him early as possible i rarly play a game long enough to get dreads maybe 1 but never more. on 1V1 but like they said Rockets Tear 2 upgrade

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