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Sand Storm - 2 player map with new desert texture set

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    Sand Storm - 2 player map with new desert texture set

    My first (working) map! This map uses lots of new desert themed textures (2 detail maps and 9 decals). To install the map just unzip it directly into your Dawn of War directory. It contains all the correct sub-directories within the zip file so you don't have to worry about making any new directories yourself.

    Download Sand Storm here!

    Mirrored at Dawn of War Files - Thanks Jamie!

    Click on the images below to see ingame shots...

    Here's an overhead shot of the entire map:

    Feel free to use any of these new textures for your own maps, but if you do, please credit me in your readme.txt including a link to my website -

    Also, if you want to make your own desert-style map this will come in very handy, as you will probably want to start your heightmap in photoshop. Right click to save the image and then open it in photoshop while you paint your heightmap.

    Just use the eyedropper tool to pick the level you want to paint at. This makes it much easier to make ramps and lakes at just the right height with the gradient tool.

    Thanks to Relic and everyone on the forum who's helped me out!
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    do you need version 1.1 to play it? coz i extracted it into the dow folder (like you said in the readme).

    but the screenshots look really good

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    It should work fine with the original Dawn of War (before patching) although I haven't tested it. Of course, you won't be able to play it online unless you've also installed the patch.

    By the way, I'm awarding 10 cool points to anyone who can identify the dinosaur stuck in the cliff face!

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    k, it works now. great map

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    realy nice work and the new textures look impressive! what's with your other map(that one with the new models?)

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    Map loaded and ran properly.
    Beautifully drawn 1x1 map - great details and textures. No navigation problems due to flat terrain and wide ramps. Cliff fighting area is nifty idea.
    Good job.

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    It's not the Microraptor Gui, I don't think... But something like that. I remember seeing that fossil when it was recently discovered, but I can't find it on the web for the life of me.

    I just played a game and I'm so impressed I don't know what to say. Simply a world-class map. I just don't know how you do it, monoRAIL. But thank heavens you do.


    Former Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War Community Map Maker

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    I love the map, also gave me a chance to use my desert camouflage scheme <(^.^)>

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    top quality work Monorail, the new textures are great, i could almost feel the sand between my toes
    600 points worth of BOOM and fooosh with a few freeeem thrown in

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    Dark Lord - you are now my official pre-patch DOW tester ;-)

    Cyberjankie - I'm putting the other map (Slaaneshi Temple) on hold. I don't want to have to release it as a mod, so I'm waiting until Relic patch the map system so people can autodownload it or at least play it online without having to run a complete mod.

    Snake - glad you like it. I thought the clifftop area would make for an interesting choke point so I put the only relic on the map up there to encourage players to fortify that area.

    Hanna - if you like it then it must be good ;-)

    Domineus - cool screenshot! Those green turrets look great in the desert dunes.

    Tave - glad you like the textures, I'm hoping other people will use them to make their own desert maps.

    By the way, nobody has guessed the dinosaur yet so I'll give you a clue:
    It was in the first Jurassic Park, but they made it much smaller for the movie. Also, it's not a raptor, it's much older than that.

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    Ohh my GOD!!! What a beautiful Map. I has some visual surprises also, how awesome.

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    Is it the spitter from Jurassic Park?

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    Lumine - yes it is, but you don't get the cool points if you don't know the name ;-)
    Zman - thanks very much, hope you enjoy playing it.

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    Mirrored at DOWfiles =)

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    No contest is fair in the Age Of Google.

    Already working on a map with your pretty, pretty new decals and detail textures. And maybe some of Bill Brooks' stuff. So much to choose from! And maybe I'll make some now that I've figured out the secret (which is to read the forums and find that it isn't really a secret at all).



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    Hanna - well done, I hereby award you 10 cool points. (Although Google wasn't completely right, it's Dilophosaurus). Can't wait to see what you come up with for your next map!

    And thanks for hosting my map Jamie!

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    Monorail love the textures, and the map great work.

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    why you don't make your slaneshi map and the models part of the mega-map-mod?

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    Just had to throw my voice in here to say that I played a quick game on your map last night and it worked great. Better yet, the map was very visually pleasing - good eye candy is always a plus. The relatively open terrain didn't give a lot of options for taking cover and scooting around hills so I ended up meeting the AI in the middle, out microing it (yeah, that's not too hard) and then just pushing straight into it's base for the win.

    The cliff area does make for some fun and overal it was a good map to play on visually.

    Great job! I can't wait for more by you if this is the quality we can expect. A shame about the Slaaneshi temple map though, my Emperor's Children will just have to wait a little longer.....

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    looks great, have to try it out right now

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    Bill - thanks!

    CyberJankie - I will release that map eventually, but I want it to be easier to people to play. I think that very few people are likely to download the map if it's part of a mod. You can always play the test version for now.

    SnakeMan - speaking of the Emperor's Children, I was thinking of modelling some Daemonettes soon.

    Floman - thanks for downloading, hope to see you playing it online!

    BlackJoker - close, but Hanna beat you to it (see the post above).

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    So you're Conor from Polycount, eh? I get confused easily; everyone should have one name and use it everywhere.

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    oh no, I've been discovered!
    I expected to find more polycounters here actually SvK - maybe they're all undercover like me ;-)

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    monoRAIL wrote:
    SnakeMan - speaking of the Emperor's Children, I was thinking of modelling some Daemonettes soon.

    My heart leaps with joy! I'm a definite fan of your work - can't do any of my own, but I know good stuff when I see it - and I can't wait to see something like that. Tell me you're re-skinning the horrors to look like daemonettes. Looking forward to all the cool stuff to come.

    BTW, thanks for all this cool work for the community.

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    It is a dilophosaurus
    edit: oh stupid, there was a second page... oh well

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    Liked the map, but wish you'd done a bit more with those large, open areas to the sides of the oasis. The sand textures are GREAT and make the map very visually striking, it just seemed really.... flat. Can ytou sculpt in a few gentle rises/dunes in those wide flat areas? Maybe even go so far as to add some small areas where darker rock rises out of the sand? You don't even have to have those additions give a cover modifier (although that's always cool)- I'm just thinking to visually spice it up a bit.

    Great work! That dino fossil really is neat. =)

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    ImagoX - if you rotate the camera down you'll see that there are in fact lots of gentle rises and dunes, in fact they're almost too steep to build on. I deliberately flattened the area around each base to make the buildings look better, but the rest of the map (apart from the cliff face) is very bumpy compared to the normal DOW maps.

    Glad you liked the dino - I spent a while on that one :-)

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