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Using Skull for Automatch Loses Preferences Sometimes?

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    The Fatman

    Using Skull for Automatch Loses Preferences Sometimes?

    I was playing some Automatches today with 1 v 1 , Chaos, and ranked selected. The last game I played I was surprised to start the match as Eldar. This was especially surprising because I know my last game was as Chaos, and I never play as Eldar. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    This happens to me also. I don't use the skull anymore for that reason.

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    This happened often to me during beta. I didn't notice it afterwards but I didn't play many automatches after the patch.

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    The one time I played (and lost) as Eldar was due to this! I generally switch colours around now anyway so I don't use the Skull button. Can't believe I never thought to post about it...

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    the skull button will only remember your preferences for as long as you remain online, the next time you start multiplayer it will revert to default (1v1, rankad automatch team as random)...but if you set your preferences the first game you play after starting then it will remember them until you quit the game.

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    The Fatman
    Thanks for the answer. I'll remember that in the future.

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