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Slaaneshi Temple 4 player map

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    Slaaneshi Temple 4 player map

    This is a forest themed map designed for 2 vs 2 team games with fixed positions or free for all games.

    Click the images below to see ingame screenshots:

    And a couple of shots from the editor:

    Download Slaaneshi Temple here.

    Mirrored at Dawn of War Files - Thanks Jamie!

    A quick note on installation - as this map contains new models it has to be run like a mod. Extract the zip file directly into your Dawn of War folder (not the normal maps folder!). This will create a /slaaneshi_temple folder to contain the new graphics and a .bat file in your Dawn of War directory called Run_Slaaneshi_Temple.bat. Use this .bat file to start the game (I recommend dragging a shortcut to it to your desktop).

    Please post any feedback you have here - I will be entering this map in the contest once it is finished so if you have any suggestions or find any bugs please let me know. Your comments and crits are welcome. One bug I've already found (but don't know how to fix) is that the new models don't look so good on low spec computers, so if you're running on all the low settings please let me know how it goes.

    Thanks to Beroc and Rymafyr for their help with FX and exporting objects.
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    As it was before it is again an awesome map.

    I'm having a problem with the (yea, I know, I spelled that wrong, but I'm so incredibly lazy, that I don't even have the energy to copy and paste the name, but you know what I mean, right?) not being found and appearing as a pink question mark, though. It's really odd. The file is fine. It's where it's supposed to be.

    It appears pink in the mission editor too, but it *does* appear in the list of decals and if I paint one, it appears just fine.

    I don't know what causes this to happen, though. And certainly not how to fix it.

    Maybe it's just me having the problem? I unzipped the mod into my Warhammer 40,000 folder and everything else seems in place, I mean, I can play the map just fine. And a darn fine map it was before and a darn fine map it is now. Fun as all heck.

    Really, the best user-made map ever made for Dawn of War, just because it has the awesome models in it (that and it plays so darn well). When you win, though, I hope you get some cash from Relic for your models, cause they're going to be effectively including them in the game. You know they're going to be used in every single map that comes out after this.

    Anyway, I'm not a great bug-tester, and I didn't find anything wrong (no surprise there, cause I wasn't looking for anything. The AI seems to do a good job of trying to take the center spot. It changes hands a lot because there's no "built-in" defenses (unless you're Eldar) which is a very good thing.

    Just a very playable map with some amazing modeling. Would that it were easier to do this sort of thing and not have it be a mod. The only way for it not to be a mod is to have it win the contest. I'm glad you decided to enter it (even though I've spoken out against the contest). At least this good will come of it. I hope they don't make you sign away your rights to your artwork or compensate you fairly for it.

    Well done. Just well done.


    Former Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War Community Map Maker

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    Oops! I'm a dope! I missed out a folder. The should be in a /slaaneshi_temple subfolder of the decals folder. You can fix your version Hanna by just manually creating that folder and dragging the image over. I've also fixed this in the zip file above.

    I didn't notice this bug on my own computer because I still had an older version of the map installed, which had the decal in the right place. Thanks for testing!

    By the way, as for the competition goes - if this map or any other map with new models wins, it would be cool if the models were patched into the game. That way everyone else could use them in their own custom maps. I'm sure there's going to be plenty of impressive stuff emerging in the next couple of weeks.
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    Thanks! I'll fix up my version.

    Hey, have you thought of getting this included in the Daemonhunter's mod? That way it can still be a mod and they will have another awesome map for their collection. I'm sure they'd jump at the chance and this is exactly the type of map they'd drool to have in their collection.

    But you'll win the contest anyway, I have no doubt. Though, I hope they cease with the contests and do something more productive with their energies and *our* energies. It's a difficult issue for me, because while I am admittedly competitive in some ways, I think there are some times when competition stifles camaraderie and I feel that this particular competition is doing that. If people are holding back maps because of the competition, then that is a horrible thing! If people are spending so much time on a single map to enter the contest, that would explain why we've seen so few maps in the last month. I hope you're right and that the next two weeks we'll see scores of new ultra-high-quality maps.

    On the other hand, I just can't get over that there will only be three winners when there are obviously more than three releasable maps. It would be one thing if we had an online distribution system, but we don't. The people who win will become the stars of the mapping circuit and everyone else will feel bad. It's inevitable. No matter how good of sports people are, there will be bad feelings. The last thing we need is bad feelings.

    On the other tentacle, anything that gets any maps into the hands of players is a somewhat good thing. I just think we can do better. Relic can do better. We all *have* to do better. We have to share more, help people more, do more of everything to halt the downward slide of the game's popularity and reverse the trend. The modders are doing such a wonderful job. I'm not entirely thrilled by the mod interface either, having to quit and reload the game in order to change mods. :/ That's really frustrating as a player.

    I'm sorry, I'm just really emotional about this contest. The sucky thing is that I want my maps to be distributed just as much as you do, or anyone else here does. But I would feel like crap for the rest of my life if I won (not like I have a chance, but sometimes people make mistakes) and knew that because one of my maps was being released someone else's wasn't. I can't bear that kind of burden. I know it sounds completely alien to other people to read about how I feel about this, but that's how I feel.

    Anyway, good luck. I hope you find all the little buglets in the map and that the final version is entirely perfect. It's awful close right now.

    (Oh, and you can get rid of the old "Three Kings", cause there's a new one in my signature. I hope it's okay to have released your textures with it, but I gave lots of credit and told everyone to download Sand Storm. I also made a decal out of your detail texture so I could use it in places where I needed a decal. It doesn't work very well at covering up detail texture seams, but it works great when you need a big pile of sand in a non-sandy area. )



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    A map by monoRAIL deserves puff's indeed.

    Great job man, I'z can always count on you to keep a steady supply of dem' good maps coming to my doorstep and being like. "HAWY BLAINE! Whydawnt-yoo-likedemaps-nomawr" So thank you.. Thank you. Thank you very much monoRAIL. But hey why can't it run with regular Dow?... Does Regular Dawn of War have an issue it needs to take out with Slaaneshi temple on Jerry Springer? :/

    @Hanna's-n-Thraykangs: I cannot find it the thraykangs in your sig. Please tell me where it shwaz before I get angry. ~Throws punches randomly~

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    Nevin - yes Dawn of War does have issues. If you put this map directly into your W40k directory then you can't play other people online because the game thinks you both have a different version - you get a Data Sync Error. That's why the new models have to be isolated into a mod folder. I believe it would be the same if you added new FX, although it is ok to only add decals and detail maps.

    Hanna - good idea about the Daemonhunters... If any mod crews want to use this map (or any other art I've done) then please contact me.

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    Nice map monoRAIL. The new objects are superb its so annoying that we cant just get them into a patch somehow...hmmm hang on anyone fancy a bit of a raid on evil dr relics headquaters? We could hyjack the patch release system infrastructure and then bypass the wireframe uplinks, well have to disable the forcefield generator first though...its gonna be tough...

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    Sukiya Zukuri - thanks for testing it. I reckon the best way to get new objects into the game (without having to run it as a mod) is to sneak your new objects into a map and enter it into the contest ;-)
    No force-field disabling required.

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    Chaos Lord
    its a great map, i like the new statue
    are you going to make regular mods like this?
    only it'd be great to see one based on the IW (i have tryed hard to make one but it is very hard to theam it to them)

    ifnot then well done any way its fun to play on

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    is this going to have a re releace now we know it dosent need to be a mod

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    I think it does still need to be a mod - even with the 1.3 patch. However I may update it for 1.3 anyway.

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    would you give permission for including the temple's custom models into the map_mod?
    BTW, do you have any good hints for the FX tool? - i want to create lightning and volcanic vents for a new map.
    PM me if you like. Thnx


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    wops i does need to be a mod i noticed after i posted the thread

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