You may look at the lists of rules here and be daunted by them and wonder why an online forum community needs so many rules.

First, a little bit of history and then some explanations.

When this forum originally opened the software used was an early version of Ultimate Bulletin Board, or UBB for short. The Forums at this time were run by one Administrator; Sorak.

Due to the limited amount of time that one individual can expend on a forum, at times the boards were over run with a lot of mindless threads. The main offender here being the General Discussions Forum.

After some time Administration duties were handed to Athexx and Madhatter, and several Moderators were enlisted to lessen the amount of spam generated by the members. At this time a set of loose rules were drawn up to help with this, yet it still seemed an uphill battle.

After a few wipes of the General Discussions Forum and an instance of tasteless pictures being posted on the boards, Athexx resigned his position and shortly after new software was used, along with a shift of host.

wwwthreads was the next incarnation of the forums.
To begin with we did away entirely with a General Discussions Forum, as this was seen to be the main problem with people spamming the boards. After a little time the "GD" was brought back yet it had a moderator queue put in place so that any new posts would be validated before being seen by members.

About this time the final shift was made to our current software, vBulletin, which opened up many more Moderating options. The "GD" forum was opened up to normal posting and several new forums were added to allow different categories of posts to have a home. An example of this is the current Studio Forum.

Throughout all this, the Forums have had to deal with many issues pertaining to spam and inappropriate posts.

The reason being here is that whilst you may have visited many other online forums and seen a high level of relaxed chatter, this particular forum is the public face of Relic Entertainment.

It is not a forum run by people just to have a good talk, and post anything. The threads here are a reflection upon Relic itself, and as such we strive to maintain a high level of meaningful discussion.

We have many outlets for the kind of casual dialect that you may find elsewhere. The IRC channels run by the community are good examples of this.

The staff here strives to make the forums as readable as possible and this means that in any thread you can expect a reasonable and intelligent discussion. We discourage the use of one line responses or posts that do not contribute to the topic as it causes the thread to become derailed.

Over the history of the forums we have tried to bring this forum from one that you can see all over the net, that being filled with nonsense and spam, to one that you can guarantee a good read in any thread, be that from General topics to strategy, to Modding discussions, or the latest submissions of fiction or artwork produced by our members.

Be warned this environment is not for everybody! If you like to tweak the moderators noses and go on posting sprees where you answer multiple threads with a "hi" or "hello" then maybe this forum isn't for you. In the past we have had many members come and go that thought this was your local CounterStrike Forum.

If on the other hand you would like to participate in a forum that you can expect an intelligent response from any post you make or like a good read through well thought out threads, then this is the place for you.

This set of guidelines and moderating style has evolved over many years, and many different "catastrophes" where measures have had to be put in place to make sure nothing like it happens again.

Our rules at times maybe a little strict, but the sole reason for them is for YOU, the member. So that when you log in, and check that thread you made, or the post you added to a thread, you can be assured that anyone that responds to it will be on topic and prepared to do your post justice, and not derailed by mindless posts that had nothing to do with your original point or post.

I hope you enjoy your stay here and understand a little more the reason the way the forum is run the way it is.