Please refer to rule 2 of the Posting Guidelines for our general rules on images. Briefly: don't post in an obnoxious manner.


Keep the number of smilies per post down. In particular, don't overuse animated smilies as this can get really annoying.

"No Flesh Rule"

The hard and fast rule of thumb for acceptable amounts of flesh being posted, are that no nipples or genitalia are to be exposed, and no pictures that suggest or imply sexual readiness / provocative poses are allowed. This is dealt by on a case by case basis though. So if your worried about a post not meeting the guidelines post about it in Forum Issues or Private Message me for a clarification.

"Hosting Images so you can post a Picture"

For you to be able to post a picture on these forums you must first be able have it hosted on the web. You cannot link to images on your own hard drive. Most Internet Service Providers allow people a small amount of webspace on thier servers for this kind of thing. Check with your isp about this if you are unsure.