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Signatures and Userbars

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    Signatures and Userbars


    A hack is in place that limits a sig once per page. Therefore, even if you check your sig in your reply box it won't show if it's already on the page.

    For your signature, you get a box which is 400 pixels wide and 90 pixels high. Anything larger will get cut off by the forum software.
    You can put whatever you want inside that box, as long as you don't violate the following rules:
    1. Total image size (this means any and all images that you may be using together) must not exceed 30 kilobytes.
    2. No animation
      1. Exceptions can be granted by an administrator, although don't expect yes for an answer
    3. Don't be obnoxious. This means no size seven bold pink lettering, or horribly annoying pictures. This rule is somewhat open to interpretation, if your signature is deemed too annoying a moderator will warn you.

    Other than that, the usual posting guidelines apply - no porn, no warez, no racism, no flaming.

    Userbars for Signatures

    Here we have a list of userbars for your use on these forums. Each category has it's own topical userbar selection for you to choose from.







    If you'd like to add a userbar to our collection here, the template and font is provided below. Once you are done simply send a PM Dyntheos with the userbar and it will be added.

    Remember it must be relic or forum related to be added.
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