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HW1 AND HW2 Music-Torrent READY-KEEP your torrent open thx

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    To be honest, I'd much rather just have a single torrent to worry about than several different ones, it's just a lot more convenient from a number of standpoints (especially in how many individual connections my torrent client would have to have open to seed many torrents versus only one) and would be easier to put together. I haven't really seen any instance where splitting this kind of thing up into several seperate torrents would be better.

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    we may be connected by just 1s and 0s on a bulletin board troff's Avatar
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    I have though...

    From my friend's experiences, putting out one huge torrent and having 98% of people trying to latch onto one guy's 100% torrent versus 5 parts being downloaded separately I think is more manageable.

    Okay nvm, I trust you as I'm a torrent newbie... let's go with the one huge torrent then...

    Okay, the files are transferred (check your PM) I will update the first post with the tracker info once you're done. Do test the songs before you torrent them (esp. NIS tracks 1 to 4 - there may have been an error in transfer).
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    is there any news about the torrent which included the whole soundtrack?

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    Already compiled the whole thing - just waiting for Troff to update the first post and make some news about it.

    Edit: Oh, he already did - I thought he'd make a reply in the thread to let everyone know or something Anyways, the full soundtrack torrent is now up and available, and you can find the link in the first post.

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    If it helps, I've made two CDs from most of the music - Homeworld Ambient and Homeworld Battle. This includes tracks from all 3 homeworld games, however one of the Vaygr battle tracks and Adagio on Strings is not included (I didn't much want listen to those outside of the game). None of the cut-scene tracks are there either. I can fix those up and add them if any wants, as all the tracks are extracted on my hard drive, if only in WAV format.
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    It would be cool if someone just downloaded everything, Homeworld, Homeworld Cataclysm, and Homeworld 2 and provided it in a WINZIP file... hint hint. Some newbs out there probably can't handle all this stuff... and I'M a newb. If anyone among those who have compiled all the songs would be kind enough, would it be possible for you to attach songs to an email to

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    Emailing is just not possible. The total sound files of HW1, HWC and HW2 are around 360 megabytes.

    Perhaps we can include a Dummies' Guide To Torrents in the first post?

    I was a total newb also to torrents (2 days ago) but I downloaded Azureus (as per Parias' instructions) and just clicked on the tracker link and it started downloading immediately. The whole 130+mb song batch for HW2 downloaded in around 45 minutes!!!

    Newbs out there, do not be afraid to try torrents, it is the fastest and most easiest way to get the files. I tried placing the files on my server but the server almost died from the result...

    The link to Azureus is at:

    1. Download
    2. Install
    3. When installing if it asks you to associate .torrent files with Azureus, say yes to that
    4. Click on the link in the first post, it will ask 'Open' or 'Download', choose 'Open'
    5. When the files downloads it will be opened by Azureus and the download will start
    6. Please out of goodwill KEEP your Azureus open so that other community members can download too

    (Parias correct me if I am wrong on the above thx)

    <EDIT in answer to Ended below>
    Funny I had no trouble dling when I was on. I will seed whenever I am online.
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    I will keep this open. My ISP is jipping me on upload speed but even a bit helps.

    of course i need someone to seed me. *hint*

    I would love the hw / hwc / hw2 ambient / battle mixes.
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    Can anyone reseed please? I am now connecting to the torrent, but there's no seed at the moment,thus i can download nothing at all...Any one can kindly help please? I will seed once I finish downloading it, at least for 1 month. I have very good connection...

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    I have the full Homeworld Collection, I have half of the Cata collection, and no HW2... good someone provide the cata for me?

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    I have them, just tell me where to send them.

    EDIT: see below post.
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    Hi Pit,

    Can you check your Cata music? Is it good quality near-cd 128+kb/s?

    I've received many files from other community members but always the Cata music is quite bad in quality. I have the whole collection but only 80kbs which is quite bad (you can hear static), and that is the reason why the torrent has not been released yet.

    EDIT your post above to reply to me (to avoid clogging) and I will PM you with instructions how to get them to me if they are good quality. Also if you can post a list of the songs so I can corelate it with my list.

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    Pit, get me cata music at And yay, i was able to get all the hw2 from the torrent! thx 2 the guy who suggested auzerus

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    The list of songs is thus:

    ambient music:
    aiowa system
    debris field
    galactic rim
    gozan IV
    gulf sector
    hwc training
    kadiir nebula
    koreth's rift
    kyori sector
    location unknown
    nava; base alpha
    outskirts hiigara
    outskirts kadiir
    sojent-ra system
    tel sector
    title music

    battle music:
    beast battle 1
    beast battle 2
    bentusi battle
    taiidan battle 1
    turanic battle 1
    turanic battle 2

    cinematic music:
    barking logo
    beast specs
    bentusi needed
    difficult decision
    end credits
    end game
    fighting back
    galaxy under fire
    intro hwc
    naggarok specs
    nature revealed
    recovery ops
    republic rendevous
    sierra logo
    situation dire
    somtaaw kiith-sa
    the search
    working together

    ingame cinematic music:
    cowardly retreat
    hard at work
    hunting the beast
    into the fog
    plague unleashed
    planet assaulted
    recon search 1
    recon search 2
    recon search 3
    recon search 4
    strategy devised

    Note: some of those in game cinematics may have misleading names as I haven't played the game enough to know exactly when a piece of music was played. All tracks have a bit rate of 128kbps.

    edit: I named them that way just for my benefit, but if there's any confusion I'll play the game again and find out for certain what goes where. The zip is 78mb however.

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    i think yahoo supports 10 mb uploads. i would really appreciate it if u cud zip all of them seperately in a zip file that is less than 10 mb and email them to me, but if its 2 much trouble i'll find my own way.

    im planning to make a site where ALL the music files will be available... finally, the answer to Homeworld music lovers!

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    I have the separate zips, but due to a less than satisfactory internet connection and crappy email (I have an account at Uni) it's not happening right now. I'll bring the zips with me to uni tomorrow and do it there, hang in there.

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    Alrite, thank you so much!

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    I can't support torrent on my work computer. My home computer has a 14.4 kbs ... any way you could gmail them to me? I'll give ya a gmail invite.
    I'll give you a cookie ^_^

    justin70458 at yahoo dot com
    (email me there for my gmail account)


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    i changed my email to, so...

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    know that gmail doesn't support .zip transfer
    something about exe security risks
    but, you can change the extension type to .jpg or some other mess and then change it back

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    in that case, send the files over to, my yahoo account

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    were these things 128kbps-quality to begin with, or were they just reencoded to 128? i'm not asking for FLAC or anything, VBR would probably be pointless, but I'm wondering if the quality was downgraded from the original.


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    This is a most excellent find; now, if only we could get some more seeders for the HW2 torrent...

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    14-03-2005, 07:05 PM #42

    Mr Tyranny

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    I easily have enough extra space to host all of the staging nis and battle files at the same time.. My initial offer was to see if you were serious about it.. Which you obviously are.. I could probably host it all in a pinch but that would cut it a bit too close to what I need on a daily basis..

    Gmail me the new files if you wish or I can download the ones you already have hosted..
    Yeow.. Sorry about dropping of the planet but I had some rather urgent business down south to take care of.. Check your pm box if you still want me to host the files for direct download..


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    Can someone who completed the torrent earlier reopen (reseed? ) it?,
    me and some others are stuck @ 80% for some days now.

    Thx in advance.
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    Oh, come on.

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    Could someone email the Cataclysm menu music to me via

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    Troff.. I'm nearly finished with uploading the entire contents of the account you sent me.. Thatsalotta music.. so I'll post the direct download links after the 14th when my bandwidth resets.. This month should fairly light on the traffic so I'll have enough left over to handle the extra load..


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    A torrent that takes 1 week 5 days 2 hours lol delphys was much quicker thanks

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    Can someone seed both these torrents? It's been quite a while since I've been here, and as such, just found out that someone had put torrents up for both games music....


    mainva | aptigoi | JTD out

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    Seeding.... for a few days
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    Thanks! Now I'm seeding! For as long as there is the need.

    mainva | aptigo | JTD out

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    Can someone seed the HW1 OST?

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    Need a seed . . . and not the kind you smoke ...

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    HW1 OST - 17 hours. Joy. =P

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    where did the peers go? a

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    need more seeds xD~~

    ten minutes later.... :o there are 2 seeds thanks :)
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    could i please have the torrents for HW1, the menu music in cataclysm and HW2?
    i would be greatful if i could get them.
    Thnks alot.

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    Could one of you who has completed the torrent re-seed for a while? I lost mine in a drive crash, and now when I go to get them again there are just a bunch of partials - no complete seeders left.


    And was there ever a completed Cata soundtrack? I don't see it on the tracker at all.

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    need more seeds at hw1 ost (and at hw2 if anyone can)

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    Man, am I the only seeder here, people, c'mon, don't be lazy (I'm seeding this for allmost a month)

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    Downloading - Cheers to the guy still seeding this!

    Question though - Can't the 2 music packs be zipped and uploaded to FileFront?

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    Can I ask if these links are to other songs that are not part of the 2 torrents for hw1 and hw2 ost?

    PHASE I - STAGING MUSIC - 5 songs in total

    SOURCE #1A
    (SOURCE DISABLED - use torrent instead)

    SOURCE #1B

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    this is a stupod question but where do you register so that you can approve the downloading of the music?

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    Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! You have no idea how long I've been looking for these! Will keep them going as long as I can (but it may only be afternoons/weekends EDT, since I've only got one PC).

    EDIT: Have you thought of uploading these to one of the larger torrent sites, like Demonoid? I'm sure there are others out there who'd love to get hold of these soundtracks.
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    Very cool collection. I don't see the mission 3 ambient choral music in the HW1 torrent though. That's my favorite track. I can email to someone it if ya'll want to include it in the torrent.

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    A. Val'Navat
    THX FOR THE LINK, kinein!

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    seed hw1 music torrent please

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    hmm it seems track 12 is missing in the hw1 torrent?

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    ANyone got the complete 3 vol soundtrack in FLAC??

    HW, CATA, HW2

    i loved CATA music

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    HW1, HW:CT & HW2 Torrents

    its been a while since i've played the games, and still the music that defined the games still lingered on in my head.

    Does anyone have the torrent for the HW: Cataclysm Music or do i have to PM someone here ?

    Its a shame that HW: CT is not given the same respect as with HW 1 & 2. Loved them all, and i count all 3 as canon, but thats another discussion.

    anyone have the Homeworld Cataclysm music tracks ?

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