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FC stun bug theory

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    FC stun bug theory

    I'm semi-convinced that the problem with the FC stun is it disables move (but not combat) and that means rotation too. So if he gets out of the firecone he can escape all damage.

    Is there any way to seperate rotation from move speed/ability? (I know there was in Homeworld)

    Can you make the firecone of melee weapons 360? Or at least Heroes and uniques?

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    I figure that if you change the particular modifier from enable move and -1 value (disable) to a modifier that multiplies maxspeed by 0 you'd fix this.
    Any comments?

    PS: the thunderhammer of Assault Terminators also disables combat so it can remain the same I guess.

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    BTW some melee weapons have setup times (powerfists, hammers, etc) but it doesn't seem to work in the game. It's buggy and the bars show up sometimes, sometimes they don't, sometimes they freeze. It's weird and I don't think it affects gameplay anyway. I might be wrong.

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