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Dawn of War, Winter Assault, Dark Crusade, Soulstorm FAQ

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    Dawn of War, Winter Assault, Dark Crusade, Soulstorm FAQ

    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Frequenty Asked Questions

    Welcome to the Dawn of War FAQ. Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about Dawn of War, Winter Assault, and Dark Crusade.

    Dawn of War is a real-time strategy game produced by Relic Entertainment set in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe and published by THQ. The expansion pack to Dawn of War is Dawn of War: Winter Assault. A second expansion pack is in developement, which will released in Fall 2006; Dawn of War: Dark Crusade.

    -->If you are looking for patches for Dawn of War, click here.<--

    Offical Dawn of War Links:

    Dawn of War on
    Dawn of War Website (Includes Dawn of War: Winter Assault)
    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Website

    Offical Dawn of War FAQ

    FAQ Subjects:

    General Information
    Gameplay Information
    Singleplayer Information
    Multiplayer Information
    Unit Information
    Community Information
    Winter Assault General Infromation
    Dark Crusade General Infromation
    General Dark Crusade FAQ
    General Soul Storm FAQ

    System Requirements:

    Minimum specifications:
    - Windows® 98/2000/XP/ME with Direct X 9.0b (included)
    - 1.4 GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon XP processor
    - 256 MB RAM
    - DirectX 9.0b compatible AGP video card with Hardware
    - Transform and Lighting and 32MB of Video RAM
    - DirectX 9.0b compatible 16-bit sound card
    - 4x CD-ROM drive
    - Keyboard and mouse

    Recommended specifications:
    - 2.2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent
    - 512 MB System RAM (required for 8-player multiplayer games)
    - nVidia GeForce 3 or ATI Radeon 8500 or equivalent with 64 MB of Video RAM

    Multiplayer specifications:
    - 1 disc/player per computer
    - Internet: Cable modem, DSL or 56.6 kbps modem, for online multiplayer play
    - Network: TCP/IP compliant network.

    Patch Information:

    The current patch version for Dawn of War: Winter Assault is 1.51. Connect to Gamespy in-game to download the patch. This will download all required patches to get you to the current patch version.


    This FAQ has been compiled by Sajuur with much help from ionfish, Soulblighter, Moe, Ani, ceejayoz, GreatSamaman, UberJumper, Vijil, Dyntheos, Remmington, Ghostwalker, Circus ninja, Nortonius, Anim,and Firaya. Many thanks to everyone who has helped out!
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    General Information Back to top

    Q: What is Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War?
    A: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) game produced by Relic Entertainment, and published by THQ Inc.

    Q: What is Dawn of War based on?
    A: Dawn of War is based on Game Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe.

    Q: How many races are playable in Dawn of War?
    A: Four races are playable in Multiplayer and Skirmish - Space Marines, Chaos Marines, Eldar, and Orks.

    Q: Where can I get the demo for Dawn of War?
    A: There Dawn of War demo is available on the offical site, which can be found here.

    Q: Is there an IRC channel for Dawn of War?
    A: Yes, you can get information about it here.

    Q: Why are other races from the Table Top game not in Dawn of War? Why are some units missing from the included races?
    A: This basicly comes down to the amount of time, money, and resources Relic had to complete Dawn of War. Also some units would simply not work in the game environment.

    Q: What exactly is the "Army Painter"?
    A: The army painter is part of Dawn of War that allows you to paint various parts of your army units. You can also select badges and banners for your army from the Army Painter.

    Q: Is it possible to create custom badges and banners?
    A: Yes. Badges must be 64x64 pixels, 32 bit, and saved as .tga files. Banners must be 64x96 pixels, 32 bit, and saved as .tga files. These go in their respective folders within the Dawn of War directory. Additional information on creating badges can be found here.

    Q: Are you able to record games to watch at a later date?
    A: Yes, after each game you can save the replay, and they can be loaded from Skirmish>Load Game>Recorded Games. If you download a recording from online the file goes in the Playback folder in the Dawn of War directory.

    Q: Are there any console commands?
    A: Indeed, there's a lot of them. You can find a collection of console commands and their explanations in this thread.

    Q: How can I activate the ultra-high graphics settings?
    A: -forcehighpoly and fullres_teamcolour=1 are the magic words to make DoW look better, but they can screw up your performance. Click here for a detailed guide.

    Q: How do I use the 3d Camera?
    A: In the options menu, you'll have to tick the Enable 3d Camera option. This will allow you to zoom in as far as you please.

    You can also hold the ALT key and move the mouse to manipulate the camera POV. Use the BACKSPACE key to restore the camera to its original view.

    Q: How do I take a screenshot?
    A: Press the Print Screen key and a screenshot will be saved to the ScreenShots folder in your DoW directory.

    Q: Will Tyranids ever appear in Dawn of War
    A: Not in this version, no. Relic has stated that the current game engine for Dawn of War will do the Tyranid race any justice. Thus they won't appear.

    Q: How do I convert DoW music files?
    A: See this guide on converting DoW music files.

    Q: How do I play in windowed mode instead of fullscreen mode?
    A: Go to your main Dawn of War folder and double-click the GraphicsConfig.exe file. When you get to the part where it asks for Resolution and Refresh rate, click the Run in a window option. If you are playing Dark Crusade, then go to your main Dawn of War - Dark Crusade folder and follow the same instructions.

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    Gameplay Information Back to top

    This section will not be covering strategies, these can be found in the Strategy Forum, which includes a subforum for Replays.

    Q: What are squads?
    A: Squads are groups of units, all infantry are created in a squad of a few members. You can then reinforce the squad to bring it up to the maximum number of members. Some squads allow different weapons to be placed on them. Units inside a squad cannot be controlled separately. Some units like vehicles, commanders, and builders act alone, and sometimes can be attached to a squad.

    Q: How do I get Requisition?
    A: You must capture strategic points, critical locations, and relics with infantry squads. Each one will generate +6 Requisition points. You are able to build listening posts on Strategic points and Relics. This increases the value of the point up to +12. By fortifying the listening post it increases the total value to +18, and the heavily fortified listening posts has a huge value of +24! The +number means how much requistion points you get every 10 seconds. You also acquire 20 requisition points from each HQ structure you have. Another way to get more requisition points is to research the upgrades at the listening posts.

    Q: How do I get power?
    A: In order to get power you must build generators. These give you +10 power/10 seconds. You can have a total of 6 generators per HQ building. You can also have unlimited large generators, but these can only be placed on slag deposits. Each large generator produces +40 power. You can also research upgrades at the standard generators.

    Q: What exactly is "morale"?
    A: Morale is a system that is similar to Hit Points, but doesn't cause the unit to die when it reaches zero. All weapons inflict some form of Morale damage, as well as normal damage, be it a little or a lot. When a squad's morale is broken, it's accuracy is drastically reduced. Damage remains normal, just the chance of actually hitting the target is very low. A squad will always be gain morale if they lose it, but if they remain under fire they will most likely not gain enough to become unbroken.

    Q: What are combat stances?
    A: Combat stances can be set to make your units behave in a certain way. The stances are as follows:

    Weapon Stances:

    - Assault Stance: This will make units move into Close Combat with enemy units when ordered to attack, or enemies move close to them. They will only attack with ranged weapons if the enemy is just within range of ranged weapons, but not in range to move to engage them.

    - Ranged stance: Units will fire ranged weapons at the enemy from a distance. They will only engage in CC if the enemy attacks them in CC.

    - Versitile Stance: Only shows up when you have several units selected, some set to ranged, some set to assault.

    - Engagement Stances:
    Stand Ground: Unit will move only a short distance to engage the enemy, and will cease the attack if the enemy moves too far away.

    - Hold Position: Unit will not move from it's position unless ordered by the player. Even attacked in CC they will not return the fight in CC, but rather continue to fire as ranged with 1% accuracy. (This is regardless of weapon stance).

    - Burn Stance: Left to their own devices units will take priority to taking down enemy buildings.

    - Attack Stance: Unit will attack any enemy unit in range, and will hunt the enemy until either they or the enemy is dead.

    - No Attack Stance: Unit will not fire ranged weapons/engage in CC.

    Q: Some of the unit stats on the interface don't match the kind of damage I see while watching a battle. Are these numbers incorrect?
    A: No, these damage numbers are correct, but they do not include armor piercing, which plays a huge role in Dawn of War.

    Q: Where can I find information on the hotkeys in Dawn of War?
    A: You can find a guide to hotkeys as well as other information about overwatch and stances in this post.

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    Single Player Information Back to top

    The Single player campaign of Dawn of War takes place on the planet Tartarus, as you control the Space Marine chapter "The Blood Ravens". There are 11 missions, and a walkthrough for all missions is available here. The Single player campaign can be played on three difficulty levels - Normal. Hard, and Insane.

    Q: Are you able to play any race other than Space Marines in Single player?
    A: No, but in some missions you acquire a few squads of Imperial Guard, Leman Russ's and the Imperial Guard commander.

    Q: What is the actual changes to the game for the different skill levels?
    A: Normal means the non-player units have 1/2 their normal hit points. Hard means that all units have their normal hit points, and on Insane mode the non-player units have 1 1/2 times their normal hit points. The computer also becomes far more aggressive, and is overall more difficult to deal with on the higher the skill level.

    Q: Can I use cheats in Single player?
    A: You can use cheats in single player by adding "-dev" to target field in shortcut properties. Ex: "C:\THQ\Dawn of War\W40k.exe" -dev.

    Code: Result:
    FOW_RevealAll: Remove fog of war
    sd_instant_build=1: Turn on instant build
    sd_instant_build=0: Turn off instant build

    Q: Where can I find a tutorial mission?
    A: By clicking Skirmish on the main menu, you can find the Tutorial botton on the bottom of the Skirmish screen.

    Q: Are there any hero units in Single Player?
    A: Yes, throughout the game you will control up to 4 "commander" units. These respawn at your base if killed.

    Q: Why are some researches not available that are in Skirmish?
    A: Researches and units become available as you advance through the game, they are not all there in the first missions.

    Q: Do units gain experience during the campaign, and are they kept from mission to mission?
    A: No, units will not get stronger as they fight, and no units directly carry over mission to mission.

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    Multiplayer Information Back to top

    Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War has several choices for multiplayer games. The main being Gamespy, which can be reached by clicking "Multiplayer" on the main menu, followed by "Online". There is also a "Direct Connect" option on the "Multiplayer" screen, along with a "LAN" option. You are able to play one of four races during a multiplayer game; Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Eldar, and Orks.

    Q: How many multiplayer maps are there for Dawn of War?
    A: 21 maps shipped with the game, 5 more were included in patch 1.1. Following the release of the Map Editor there has been many fan created maps, information on these can be found here.

    Q: Is there any ladder system or stat recording for Gamespy?
    A: Yes, all games are counted towards an overall win percentage, and Automatch games count towards your automatch score if you choose them to be ranked.

    Q: Are there different chat rooms for Gamespy?
    A: Yes, there are 10 different rooms in which you can chat, and also chat is possible when waiting in a game lobby.

    Q: What exactly is "automatch"?
    A: Automatch is a matchmaking system that can be used for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 battles with random players. You are able to select race, color scheme, and type of game from the Automatch screen. You must then wait while other people join the game. When there are enough players the game will start on a map for that number of players, and the teams will be random, not who joined first. These games can be chosen ranked or unranked from the Automatch screen.

    Q: What are the possible win conditions in Dawn of War?
    A: There are seven different possible win conditions. They are as follows:

    1. Annihilate: Destroy primary enemy buildings.
    2. Assassinate: Kill an enemy's commander unit.
    3. Control Area: Capture 66% or more of the Strategic Points on the map. These must be held for 8 minutes to win the game.
    4. Destroy HQ: Destroy all of the enemy's HQ buildings.
    5. Economic Victory: Acquire a certain amount of resources to win.
    6. Take and Hold: Take more than 50% of the Critical Locations on the map. They must be held for 7 minutes.
    7. Sudden Death: Capture an enemy's strategic point.

    Q: Are you able to play against computers with human allies online?
    A: Yes, the host can add computer players to the game, and also set their team number.

    Q: What is the "Auto Teams" feature?
    A: The Auto Teams feature randomly chooses teams based on the number of players per team you set. This number can be 2, 3 or 4 players per team. There are also two other options to make teams, Free For All - No teams, and Player Sets Team - allowing each player to set their own team. For the Player Sets Team options the host of the game can modify computer player's team number.

    Q: How does the star system work?
    A: The number of stars you have is computed as follows:

    Stars are based on your win/loss record:

    20% win/loss for 1 star
    40% win/loss for 2 stars
    60% win/loss for 3 stars
    70% win/loss for 4 stars
    75% win/loss for 5 stars

    They also require a certain number of games played:

    Below 5 games you can't have any stars
    Between 5 and 19 you can have at most 1 star
    Between 20 and 39 you can have at most 2 stars
    Between 40 and 79 you can have at most 3 stars
    Between 80 and 199 you can have at most 4 stars

    Q: Does Dawn of War have a point decay system for automatch?
    A: Yes, Tacit has explained it's working as follows:
    If you are currently ranked in the Top-100, you must play at least 2 games per week to avoid point decay. You will lose 40 points in any week you do not play at least 2 games.
    If you are currently ranked in the Top-1000, you must play at least 1 game per week to avoid point decay. You will lose 20 points in any week you do not play at least 1 game.
    Your score will never decay below 1100 points.
    The system only reviews your activity once per week, on Sunday night.

    Q: Is there a translation available for other languages of the Victory Conditions so I know what type of game I'm joining?
    A: Yes, we have the French, German, and Spanish translations.

    Annihilate: Annihilation
    Assassinate: Assassinat
    Control area: Zone de contrôle
    Destroy HQ: Destruction de QG
    Economic victory: Victoire économique
    Take and hold: Prendre et tenir
    Sudden death: Mort subite

    Assassinate: Attentat
    Destroy HQ: HQ vernichten
    Sudden Death: Sudden Death
    Economic Victory: ökonomischer Sieg
    Control Area: Kontrollgebiet
    Take and Hold: Erobern und halten

    Annihilate: Aniquilacion
    Assassinate: Asesinato
    Control area: Controlar el area
    Destroy HQ: Destruir CG
    Economic victory: Victoria Economia
    Take and hold: Ocupar y mantener
    Sudden death: Muerte Subita

    Q: How do I use cheats in multiplayer/skirmish?
    A: The host of the game must allow cheats through game options before beginning the game. Once ingame, open the console and use any of the following:

    cheat_revealall - reveal all FOW
    cheat_killself - kill yourself
    cheat_power( n ) - give yourself "n" units of power
    cheat_requisition( n ) - give yourself "n" units of requisition

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    Unit Types Back to top

    Check this site for unit stats.

    Unit Listing by Race

    Space Marine Unit List

    Servitor - Infantry
    Scout Marine Squad - Infantry
    Space Marine Squad - Heavy Infantry
    Assault Marine Squad - Heavy Infantry
    Force Commander - Commander
    Terminator Squad - Heavy Infantry
    Assault Terminator Squad - Heavy Infantry
    Librarian - Commander
    Apothecary - Heavy Infantry
    Rhino - Vehcile
    Land Speeder - Vehcile
    Dreadnought - Vehcile
    Hellfire Dreadnought - Vehcile
    Whirldwind - Vehcile
    Predator - Vehcile
    Land Raider - Vehcile

    Chaos Unit List

    Heritic - Infantry
    Cultist Squad - Infantry
    Chaos Marine Squad - Heavy Infantry
    Raptor Squad - Heavy Infantry
    Chaos Lord - Commander
    Horror Squad - Daemon
    Possessed Marine Squad - Daemon
    Chaos Sorceror - Heavy Infantry
    Bloodthister - Daemon
    Obliterator Squad - Heavy Infantry
    Chaos Rhino - Vehicle
    Chaos Predator - Vehicle
    Defiler - Vehicle

    Ork Unit List

    Big Mek - Commander
    Gretchin Squad - Infantry
    Slugga Boyz Squad - Infantry
    Shoota Boyz Squad - Infantry
    Stormboyz Squad - Infantry
    Tanka Busta Squad - Infantry
    Nob Squad - Heavy Infantry
    Warboss - Commander
    Mad Dok - Infantry
    Wartrukk - Vehicle
    Wartrak - Vehicle
    Killa Kan - Vehicle
    Looted Tank - Vehicle
    Squiggoth - Vehicle

    Eldar Unit List

    Guardian Squad - Infantry
    Ranger Squad - Infantry
    Howling Banshee Squad - Infantry
    Dark Reaper Squad - Infantry
    Warp Spider Squad - Heavy Infantry
    Farseer - Commander
    Avatar - Daemon
    Seer Council - Heavy Infantry
    Bonesinger - Infantry
    Falcon Grav Tank - Vehcile
    Vyper - Vehcile
    Wraithlord - Vehcile
    Fire Prism - Vehcile
    Brightlance Platform - Heavy Infantry
    Grav Platform - Heavy Infantry

    Tech Trees

    Space Marines

    Chaos Marines



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    Community Information Back to top

    Q: Is there a community Dawn of War IRC channel?
    A: Yes, information on how to connect can be found here. The second post in that thread contains the server rules.

    Q: Where can I find the MOD section of these forums?
    A: The Dawn of War MOD forum is here.

    Q: What kinds of MODs are able to be made for Dawn of War?
    A: A list of the things we can MOD in Dawn of War can be found here.

    Q: Are there any official tools? If so, where can I find them?
    A: Yes, Relic has released offical Dawn of War modding tools. They can be downloaded from the offical Relic site, located here.

    Q: What tools are included?
    A: The tools include an Attribute Editor, Audio Editor, Chunky Viewer, FX Editor, Mission Editor, Mod Packager, and Object Editor.

    Q: Where can I find documentation on how to use these tools?
    A: Relic has a Wiki for the tools which is located here. A FAQ has also been complied in the Mod tools Forum, which can be found here.

    Q: I'm looking for bagdes and banners made by other players, is there somewhere I can download them?
    A. Yes there is;
    Q: Is Relic likely to encorperate work from Mods into future games?
    A: No, Relic/THQ has stated that this would be extremely unlikely due to the legal issues involved.

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    General Winter Assault Information Back to top

    Q. What is Winter Assault?
    A. Winter Assault is the first expansion for Dawn of War.

    Q. What Does Winter Assault add to Dawn of War?
    • Completel new tech tree
    • New race; The Imperial Guard
    • New Single player Missions
    • 1 new unit to existing races
    • New Maps

    Q. What New units were added to the existing races?
    A. The 4 New units are as Follows
    • Space Marines - Chaplin; Has Strong Ranged attack and Increases the healing rate of surrounding squads
    • Chaos Space Marines - Khorne Berzerker; A Powerful Close Combat Unit Immue to Morale Damage
    • Orks - Mega Armoured Nobz; Heavily Armoured Close Combatants with Decent ranged attacks
    • Eldar - Fire Dragon; A Dedicated Anti-Vehicle Unit

    Q. Who are the Imperial Guard
    A. The Imperial Guard are the back bone of the Imperium, where In Dawn of War, we only saw them in a single troop unit and tank. In Winter Assault we get to see their whole array of weapons.

    Q. What the New Tech Tree?
    A. The new tech tree differs from the ones in Dawn of War, its more streamlined, allowing newer players to get the hang of the game mechanics more easily than Dawn of War.

    Q. Is there a Demo of Winter Assault?
    A. Yes There is a Demo out, Download it here; Winter Assault Demo

    Q. Are there any video footage of Winter Assault?
    The current videoes of Winter Assault are;

    Q. What Patched Version of Dawn of War will Winter Assault Require?
    A. Winter Assault needs Dawn of to be patch up to version 1.4, luckly it includes all patchs.

    Q. Are their any Strategy Guides for the races of WInter Assault?
    Yes There is, The are;

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    General Dark Crusade Information Back to top

    Q. What is Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade?
    A. Dark Crusade is the second expansion to Relic's award winning real time strategy game. Adding Two New Races and a re-work single player campaign, it's looking to be one of Relic's best expansions.

    Q. What Races Will be featuring in Dark Crusade?
    A. Two new races will be in Dark Crusade, The Young Tau Empire and the utterly evil Necrons

    Q. Tyranids are a very popular race, why weren't the added?
    A. While the Tyranids are a popular race, THQ and Relic have decide that the current game engine could not do justice to the Tyranid race at this point in time.

    Q. Will I need Winter Assault to Run Dark Crusade?
    A. It's still unknown at this point and time, but THQ and Relic have said that they are trying to make it so that you do not require Winter Assault for Dark Crusade, but to get the full gameplay I would suggest you do so anyway.

    Q. Will Dark Crusade Add any new units to the current races?
    A. Yes, there will 1 new unit for each existing race.

    Q. What Current Features have been announced for Dark Crusade?
    A. Currently (22/5/06) the following feature have been announce by THQ and Relic;
    1. Customizable Hero Units
    2. New, Longer Risk style Campaign - Preview, Provided By someguy
    3. Unique Necron Tech Tree

    Q. How long will this new campaign go for?
    A. Estimates predict for about 150 mission over all 7 races.

    Q Will Dark Crusade Use Gamespy or will it use Relic Online?
    A. Dark Crusade will use Gamespy at this point in time.

    Q. Is there Any video Footage?
    A. Yes, Currently there is the Trailer.

    Q. Is there any more info on DC?
    A. Yes, have a look at this collection of links:
    Q: How can I copy color schemes/badges/banner from DoW/WA to DC?
    A: For badges and banners, simply copy over the folders named as such in DoW directory to DC directory. Color schemes from DoW/WA can be found at:

    ..\Dawn of War\Profiles\Profile1\W40k\Schemes or
    ..\Dawn of War\Profiles\Profile1\WXP\Schemes

    These need to be copied to:

    ..\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\Profiles\Profile1\W40k\Schemes or
    ..\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\Profiles\Profile1\DXP2\Schemes

    Also, the contents of:

    ..\Dawn of War\W40k\Data\art\team_colours\

    needs to be copied to:

    ..\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\W40k\Data\art\team_colours\ or
    ..\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade\DXP2\Data\art\team_colours\

    Q. What are the new detector units in Dark Crusade?
    Besides Turrets and Captured Points/Listening Posts;

    Space Marines
    • Librarian
    • Skull Probes

    • Sorcerer
    • Cultists

    • Warlocks (Leaders for Guardian squads)
    • Seer Council

    • Big Mek
    • Mega Armored Nobs
    • Warboss

    Imperial Guard
    • Psyker (both in the Command Squad and the lone Psykers)
    • Area Scan (From HQ)

    • Builder Scarabs
    • Wraiths
    • Necron Lord's 'Solar Pulse'-ability

    • Vespids
    • Pathfinders

    Q. I'm having some trouble installing Dark Crusade?
    A. Refer to ATTENTION! Important Dark Crusade Installer Note!, it has a lot of useful information regarding the installation of Dark Crusade

    Q. How can I install Dark Crusade without installing Winter Assault / Dawn of War?
    A. Check the DC Race Unlocker

    Q. What are the new units for the old races?
    • Chaos: Daemon Prince.
    • Eldar: Harlequin.
    • Imperial Guard: Heavy Weapon Team.
    • Orks: Flash Gitz.
    • Space Marines: Grey Knights.

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    Dawn of War: Dark Crusade Official FAQ

    General Dark Crusade FAQ
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    Q. What is Dawn of War: Dark Crusade?
    A. Dark Crusade is an expansion to the RTS Game of the Year Dawn of War.

    Q. What is Dawn of War?
    A. Dawn of War is the best-selling, 2003 RTS Game of the Year. Dawn of War is an action strategy game based on the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and focuses on brutal frontline combat, and fast-action pacing.

    Q. Will I need Winter Assault or Dawn of War to run Dark Crusade?
    A. No. Dark Crusade will be a standalone product. However, owning Dawn of War and Winter Assault will unlock additional content for Dark Crusade users.

    Q. What are the new features in Dark Crusade?
    A. Dark Crusade features two new races, and a new type of meta-game that focuses on player-driven story.

    Q. What races will be featured in Dark Crusade?
    A. Dark Crusade will feature two new races: the Tau and the Necrons.

    This will bring the total to 7 unique playable races, each with its own art, personality, and military model.

    Q. Who are the Tau?

    Q. What type of Single Player Campaign will come with Dark Crusade?
    A. The new single player campaign is a meta-game centered entirely around player choice. Players will now drive the story forward with their decisions, rather than watching a linear story unfold.

    The campaign centers around the conquest of a single planet called Kronus. Your goal is to drive the other 6 races from the planet, and conquer it for yourself. You can play the campaign from beginning to end as any of the 7 races, and each race will have its own story arc that it follows.

    The campaign also allows you to earn new pieces of wargear for your commander. Wargear not only grants your commander large strength bonuses and new special abilities, it also allows you to customize the look of your commander.

    Q. What are the changes to the current races? Will Dark Crusade add any new units to the current races? Will there be more upgrades for current units?

    A. Interesting question.

    Q. How will the different combination of Dawn of War products I have affect the multiplayer experience? Which races can I play online, and which races can I only play against?
    A. All Dark Crusade players will be in the same multiplayer pool, and all Dark Crusade players will be able to play against all races. What Dawn of War products a player owns will simply dictate which races a player can choose to play as in multiplayer.

    The following chart shows how the different Dawn of War products affect player options in multiplayer:

    Q. So if I only own Dawn of War, or Winter Assault, can I play against people with Dark Crusade?

    A. No. You must own a copy of Dark Crusade to play against other Dark Crusade players. But all Dark Crusade owners can play against one another, even if they don’t own Dawn of War or Winter Assault. Which products you own will simply dictate what races you can play as online (demonstrated in the chart above).

    Q. I still don't get it. Can you elaborate some more?
    A. I listed all possible combinations here. That should explain everything on the matter.

    Q. What content will be unlocked in Dark Crusade if I own Dawn of War and Winter Assault?

    A. Dawn of War owners will be able to play the Dawn of War single player campaign, and will be able to play as Space Marines, Orks, Eldar and Chaos Marines online.

    Winter Assault owners will be able to play the Winter Assault single player campaign, and will be able to play as the Imperial Guard online.

    Q. Are there any new mod tools planned? Will current mods still work with Dark Crusade?
    A. No new mod tools are planned, but the new single player meta-game will be fully modable.
    New fields have been added to the Attribute Editor, so there is a chance that existing mods will need to be adjusted to take these fields into account (this was the case with Winter Assault).

    Q. When is the release date for Dark Crusade? When will a demo or beta be made available?
    A. Dark Crusade is scheduled to release in Fall 2006.

    A Dark Crusade demo will ship with the Company of Heroes DVD. We will also be releasing a downloadable demo shortly before the game ships.

    Q. What are the minimum system requirements for Dark Crusade? How much space is the game expected to take up?
    A. Our projected min spec (subject to change):

    Minimum spec:
    • Windows® 2000/XP * DirectX 9.0c (included on disc),
    • 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent AMD Athlon XP processor *
    • 512 MB RAM * 3.5 GB free hard drive space * 4x CD-ROM drive Update: DC Requires a DVD-Drive
    • 32 MB DirectX 9.0b compatible AGP video card with Hardware Transform and Lighting
    • DirectX 9.0b compatible sound card, 16-bit * Keyboard * Mouse.

    • 2.4 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent,
    • 512 MB System RAM (required for 8-player multiplayer games).
    • nVidia GeForce 3 or equivalent with 64 MB of Video RAM.
    • Sound Blaster® X-Fi(tm)

    Q. Where can I purchase Dark Crusade?
    A. You’ll be able to purchase Dark Crusade at any major software retail store.

    Q. What is the ESRB rating?
    A. Dawn of War: Dark Crusade is rated M for "Mature". Please feel free to check the ESRB website for more information regarding this rating.

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    Dawn of War: Soul Storm - FAQ Back to top

    Q. What is Dawn of War: Soul Storm?
    A. Soul Storm is the final expansion to Dawn of War

    Q. Will I need Dawn of War, Winter Assault or Dark Crusade to run Soul Storm?
    A. No, Soul Storm will follow in the path of Dark Crusade and come as a stand alone product. For single player; you will be able to play all 9 race. However to play online; you will need to own the respective titles to play Soul Storm.

    For example;

    Soul Storm = Dark Eldar & yet unknown 9th race.
    Dark Crusade + Soul Storm = Tau Empire, Necrons, Dark Eldar & Sisters of Battle

    Dawn of War + Soul Storm = Space Marines, Chaos, Eldar, Orks, Dark Eldar & yet Sisters of Battle

    Dawn of War + Winter Assault + Soul Storm = Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Chaos, Eldar, Orks, Dark Eldar & Sisters of Battle

    Dawn of War + Winter Assault + Dark Crusade + Soul Storm = Tau Empire, Necrons, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Chaos, Eldar, Orks, Dark Eldar & Sisters of Battle

    Q. What are the new features in Soul Storm?
    A. Soul Storm will feature two new races, air units, expanded meta-style campaign; similar to Dark Crusade, but bigger.

    Q. What races will be featured in Soul Storm?
    A. The Dark Eldar and the Sisters of Battle

    Q. Who are the Dark Eldar?
    A. The Dark Eldar are the twisted cousins of the Eldar, they are demented creatures who love nothing more than torturing, butchering and imprisoning lesser races. They gain their strengths from carving the souls out of their victims, hoping that the Dark gods ignore them and their own souls.

    The Dark Eldar will also be able to extract 'Soul Essence' which will allow them to use powerful abilities

    Q. What type of Single Player Campaign will come with Soul Storm?
    A. The new single player campaign centers around a new star system that has attracted all the races to the area when a warp storm traps them within the system and will only subside when their is only one race left.

    The campaign will be similar to Dark Crusade in the sense that it is like a meta map, but instead of focusing on the one planet, Soul Storm will allow you to fight over the entire system. This includes 4 planets and their moons. Missions are hinted at be better than they were in Dark Crusade, hopefully less skrimishy missions.

    Q. What are the changes to the current races?
    A. The current races will receive new units (expect Necrons who get a new ground unit) in the form of air units, such as;
    • Eldar Nightwing
    • Ork Fighta Bomba
    • Chaos Hell Talon
    • Space Marine Land Speeder Tempest
    • Imperial Guard Marauder Bomber
    • Tau Barracuda
    • Necron Essence of the Deceiver

    Q. I heard Relic isn't souly working on this project by themselves, is this true?
    A. Relic is collaborating with Iron Lore Entertainment on Soul Storm.

    Q. If Relic is working with another company, who will patch Soul Storm?
    A. Relic will be in charge of patching Soul Storm.

    Q. Who will be composing the music for Soul Storm?
    A. Inon Zur, he worked on Winter Assault and Dark Crusade.

    Q. Will there be a beta?
    A. Yes, but only a closed Beta

    Q. Is there a Demo?
    A. Yes there is, check any good file hosting sites and you should be able to find it.

    Q. When will Soul Storm be released?
    A. Soul Storm will be released in Spring 2008

    Q. Is there any videos about Soul Storm?
    A. There is; Youtube filmed trailer of Soul Storm
    IGN's Collection of Soulstorm videos

    More will be added when more information is found.

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