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Mapping Contest - 5p and 6p

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    Mapping Contest - 5p and 6p

    A bit of a shorter list today as the entrants for these number of players was small.

    Defender (5)
    It’s great that this map introduces a new style of gameplay, makes it very fun, yet quite simple. Very hard to win the map as the center player as the critical objective is outside of their defensive area. Really nice idea!

    Desiderata Highlands (6)
    Good layout and very interesting, lots of heavy cover around strategic points can make them very hard to take and can discourage combat. Artistically it’s a very impressive level of quality.

    Jungle Assault (6)
    I great 3v3 map (not so good 2v2v2… trust us, we found out the hard way!). The placement of relics feels slightly awkward as one player on each side has access to two of them at the beginning. The mountainous feel to it is nice, but some of the pathways between locations could have been better defined.

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    I'm suprised there weren't more entrants in this category - there are certainly many to choose from @ dowfiles (6p at least).
    Oh well, there's certainly good odds of winning it eh?


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