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New map: Coral Reef (3) - Released - see first post

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    New map: Coral Reef (3) - Released - see first post

    Join the Imperial Guard! Travel the galaxy. See beautiful places, and blow them up!

    Download Coral Reef here
    Mirrored at DoWFiles

    The map's designed for 3 player games, but it also works great with 2 players on random start points. Not knowing where your opponent is makes a big difference to a 1 on 1 game!

    Once again, this map uses lots of new textures. If you want to use them in your own maps, go right ahead, just give me a credit with a link to my website ( in your readme.txt please.
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    That looks killer!
    I'll give it a crack.
    Pity relic didn't make any coconut palm models eh?

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    artemis chef
    refreshing visual style. instantly reminded me of total annihilation for some reason.

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    Chaos Lord
    ooo pretty
    thats gonna be one to download...

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    Wow. I like it. Alot.

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    See beautiful places, and blow them up!
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    All of your maps have a very fresh look and are extremely well put together. In fact, you are sickeningly good at this....

    I'll wait for the final version. Make it soon please.

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    That does look like a great map. Nice job again mono!!

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone. There's about 10 people testing it at the moment, and if all goes well and they don't find any major bugs I'll release it this weekend.

    Just a bit more detail about the map - The CP in the middle is surrounded by trees and can only be accessed by jumpers. The 3 small islands are also only accessible by jumpers so the map is very much focused on light infantry and hover vehicles.

    I highly recommend playing some 2 player games on the map, but if you're playing against the AI, remember to turn off take and hold, as it doesn't understand the concept of jumping to capture the CP in the middle at all.

    The player start points are quite small, so each player has a relic near their base which they can capture and expand around. Harassing this relic instead of going straight for the CP in the middle is a good tactic for slowing down your opponent's tech. Also, it's a good idea to keep a squad of jumpers on the small island near you base - from there they can jump back to defend your base, jump to the middle to fight for the CP or launch quick harassment attacks by jumping to the cover near your enemy's relic.

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    Map's released, get it here.

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    Not too bad, only thing that could make it better is some palm trees, but that'd require Dow to start up in a different session.

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    so beautiful map...
    Nice job, monoRAIL. I really like that.

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    Mirrored at DOWfiles

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    Thanks Jamie!

    Nevin - yeah, it would have been good to have proper palm trees, but I decided to not use any new models so I wouldn't have to make it a mod.

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    Just played it. Nice map, as usual, mono. I played ffa against two other random computers, and once I got the middle of the board, the game kinda went as I expected, with the AI beating each other up till there was one left. Odd thing, he then stayed in his base and just sat there. I had plenty of times to get some chaos preds out and smush him.

    I like the coral reefs, they add a nice touch, especially since I just got "Blue Planet" in the mail from the Discovery channel, and enjoyed the DVD on the coral reef . Too bad you can't put some fish in it.....


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    add a fish decal and wolla fish in game

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    Yeah, there's so much more I could do with this map, such as fish FX, a new skybox, coconut trees swaying in the wind. But that would force me to make it a mod, and since nobody plays my Slaaneshi Temple map/mod I'm not going that route again. If only Relic would allow us to use custom art without having to break compatibility we could make amazing new maps.

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    Hey Mono,

    Great map, some nice touches...but my marines keep slinging hammocks and chilling...where the inquisitor?...gone fishin' ?!

    Keep pushing man, some great work!


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    Just a bit more detail about the map - The CP in the middle is surrounded by trees and can only be accessed by jumpers. The 3 small islands are also only accessible by jumpers so the map is very much focused on light infantry and hover vehicles.
    spiders can not access the cp.

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    Sps - I tested that and they could cap ok. Maybe they don't fit in there if it's a fully reinforced squad? I'll check it out at home later.

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    full, exarched squad

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