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ship building animation?

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    ship building animation?

    hello, I thought about the ship animation, I don't know if it goes but I think It could be possibel.
    You have to use the door open animation by the hiigaras make an extra ship building animation in maya and give the real building time 1sec or less, than for example insteed of the opening animation the animation you made in maya 5mins or so and code it like by the door ani. that the ship can first recive an order when it is by a waypoint.

    Edit: I played just one round and saw that while 1 ship comes out the next started to produce, so can't take one sec as real buildtime you need to take by 5 min buildtime 2:30 min for real building and 2:30 for animating, that should it's not really an building animation....

    Edit: 2. Problem the building animation must by every ship the same time that means when the carrier is builded in 5min that are 2:30min for in the procced bar and 2:30 foranimation-Destroyer takes. lets say 7min that are 4:30 procced bar and 2:30animation, Heavy Cruiser 10mins 7:30 procced bar and 2:30animation or you take for every capital ship an extra hangar.

    and I got a request, is there an possibel to bring back the pilot view from hw cata to hw2?
    and did anyone know about a mod that have ships and stations like the megastation?
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    Is nobody interested in that?
    Please give some Replies

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    Punctuation and clarity. I can't even understand that, technical stuff notwithstanding.


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    LOL I am so lost on this one. Even though I can read through typo's and such hehe.

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    sry for my bad English and very complex, silly thinking...

    1.I thing Homeworld could have an building animation
    2.when an Higaaran Carrier, Destroyer and Carrier were finish builded, there is the Hangar Door Opening Animation.
    3.instead of that Door Opening Animation you can make an building Animation in Maya or max.
    4.The building animation time must be by all ships the same.

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    I understand what you say. This would be something, like in Cata? Because this way, a ship would be able to build a ship for its own size. Like a carrier building a BC.

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    yes, similar like in Cata but with a better Animation.

    In that way, yes an carrier can build an BC

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    My problem with this, is that this way i can't see the buildtime, so this isn't very practical. Maybe we should look in the Cataclysm's files, and see, how that game does this, altough, i don't know, if it is possible, to do the same for Hw2.
    Now, as i know, in the game (Hw2) a ship spawns when its buildtime is up. Someone should make it, so the ship spawns outside of the builder ship. But until it spawned, there should be a building animation at the same place. Maybe it is possible to make such a building animation.

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