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Inquisitor's Fortress - 1 vs 2 multiplayer map - now released

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    Inquisitor's Fortress - 1 vs 2 multiplayer map - now released

    Download Inquisitor's Fortress here

    To install this map extract the entire zip file into your Dawn of War directory.

    eg. C:/program files/THQ/Dawn of War

    This map uses new detail and decal textures. You can use these textures in your own maps, but if you do, please include a credit for me in your readme.txt with a link to my website:

    This map is designed for 1 vs 2 skirmishes. Player 1 plays the Inquisitor and must defend the fortress. Players 2 and 3 team up to defeat the Inquisitor.

    The map should be played with player set teams, fixed starting positions and standard starting resources and resource rate. It can be played with Take and Hold on or off, although with Take and Hold off, player 1 has very little chance of winning. In this case each of the 3 players should take a turn to play the Inquisitor, and whoever lasts longest before being anihilated is the winner!

    Thanks to Relic and everyone at the Relicnews forums.

    Extra special thanks to Argonought, elfoscuro, Titler, Rayden and CiaphersCain for playtesting.


    Go to to get the community map packs

    Get the fantastic Space Hulk mod here -

    Inquisitor's Fortress works great with the Daemonhunters mod -
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    Let me know when you're doing the next testround . I await you're balance changes!
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    Ahh! so THIS is what you were talking about - i'm intrigued!
    Have you thought of having it timed out by using a critloc inside the fort? Anyways - if you need some testing, mail me!
    I loved the whole idea of a narated preview - wikid!


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    dr2sheds: I'll be testing it this weekend - catch me on MSN if you want to play - conorokane_@hotm[nospam]

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    Chaos Lord
    looks nice, shame i can't be Chaos attacking though...
    hmm...maybe the inquisitor could be corrupt...and its a battle between rival Chaos forces...
    oh the possibilities :evil:

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    Chaos should attack! Player 1 is the defender, he get's the Inquisitor. But you can play with whatever armies you like - it's just a regular map, not a mod.

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    Looks nice, although I'm not keen to the whole being able to use other race units, But hell its different and different is good. I'll try it riiiight... riiiiiiight now.

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    I really recommend you have a look at this, it is a great laugh and really brings out the tactician in you! It was great to playtest, and the screenshots posted here are damn fine as well. Thumbs up all round

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    Chaos Lord
    i played the map as Ultramarines, it got very tense at some points.

    the AI didn't seem to like the mines at the bridge, and they managed to ambush me, i went for one of their Strat points, and my army was suddenly surounded, when i got them out half where gone and the FC i got was on very low health :blink:

    great map any way

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    I've already been playing this, mua ha ha haaa! It's jolly good fun, especially with human players; Player 1 really gets a strong sense of being under siege, which gives this map bags of character and sets it apart from the usual bland symmetrical maps. Well worth the dowload... Ahah! Sudden idea for a throwaway map! *rushes off to map editor*
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    Chaos Lord
    i have a map where you are defending a fort, its in a desert, and its a 6 player... 2v4
    i am thinking about releasing it...but i want to make a loading screen for it anf have no idea how...can some one help me?

    any way this is a very cool map, i played it as IW lastnight, i had a chapel barracks AND a Chaos temple, and my normal Space marines said Chaos space marine lines...
    IT RULED!!!

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    Map loading screens should be either 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 pixels (I always go for the smaller, it'll resize for you in game anyway), should be a .tga image like badges/banners, and go into the \W40k\Data\Scenarios\Mp\Loading folder, which you will have to make if you don't have one. The image MUST match the name the map itself is SAVED under (not the game's name in the map list). And that's it!

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    Chaos Lord - I noticed that too. If you play Eldar then the marines you build with the Inquisitor's chapel barracks will use the guardian voice! The only way to give them their space marine voice back is to attach an apothecary.

    By the way, if anyone comes up with a strategy to win as player 1 when playing against 2 other human players then let me know. I've been able to beat the computer on 'harder' when I was defender, but when I played with Rayden and his friends, the defender never won.

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    Space Marines with howling banshee voices.......

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    skill power

    the skull probes are realy usefull sent them off to the enemry wolla no heavy infantry production

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    Scorpia - indeed, but you have to remember to use them fast, as their health starts dropping as soon as the game starts. And make sure to cloak them first!

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    Great map monoRAIL! Any Plans to do more like this one

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    Far out man there's some serious blood-for-the-blood-god action in this one, it's a real tough cookie!

    just some impass things to report which you may have found already:
    the bridge to the south can be walked through.
    absailing troops if you get jump-packers onto the bunker/pad on the north side of the main entrance.
    didn't notice anything else.


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    that map looks amazing. *download*

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    dr2sheds - abasiling troops? What does that mean? They walk at an angle on the edge of the platform? Well spotted with the bridge - I overlooked that area. Good place to hide your sniper scouts ;-)

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    Yeah, it's that ol' walking-off-the-wall chestnut or as argonout described 'matrix stylee'.
    A quick rip around the top edge should sort it out with the impass brush. It's a right pain in the arse with my own maps - particularly the palace.


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