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Texturing Tutorial WARNING PIC HEAVY

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    thx MatthCoFreak, but this is not the stuff, i´m looking for. edit a .hod-file and setting up the Engine hardpoints is no problem.

    i want to know, how to do the textures for an "Engine-glow-fx"... like on a big ship, there is no trail, but the exausts are "glowing".
    for the thruster shader, i must create texture with photoshop, but how can i archive the right result?

    i got different textures for some ships (normal,diffuse,glow) for ships like fragates and bigger, i also need textures for engine_glow_on, off, diffuse_on,off.

    but how to make such "Engine glow-on/off" textures? that is, what i need to know....

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    ok im SO LOST ok so i use wings ed im making fighter there is nothing like render exept uv editor window i clicked it it has a pop-up that has abunch of letters im stuck to there -_- and i use i just want a silver window and red/black stripes!!!!! IT THAT SO MUCH T.T

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    I'm no expert, but I'll try and explain what I just figured out:

    1) import the image: File > Import Image...
    2) open the Outliner window: Window > Outliner
    3) select the texture in the Outliner window, then drag it on top of one of the materials that should be above it in the same list

    That's as far as I got since I am editing existing models, not creating new ones.
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    thanks so much miks

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    didnt work.. ok so i have 1 texture i dont have a glowtexture or w/e (i dont even know what hte glow does lol!!!) and the texture shows up prefectly in wings 3d but doesnt show up in CFHodEd

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    Did you actually import the texture into a material in CFHodEd? If you didn't, the model only has information on where to put the texture, but no info on which texture you want it to use.
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    ya were u drag the (picture of texture) and drop it onto a material? do u have to export it in a special way or anything... -_-

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    you need to import the texture directly to cfhoded. there should be a textures tab

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    wait so export the obj file with wings 3d then how do i inport a texture derectly ill look at CFhoded

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    you need to save the texture as a .dds file in an image editing program. then import that into cfhoded

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    Ya, thats what i do i use (A free version of photoshop) to turn it into a .dds file then i inport it into CFHodED but nothing happens ... but if u open a hod file like the keeper attack drone it works fine.

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    ok so ive been trying it but nothing so a couple days ago im like screw it i made a cube uv mapped it then i made it external open up and opened image and stared working (painted each side a differnt bright color) saved as a 24-bit then refreshed it in wings 3d and made external and exported the whole file opened CFhoded and made material/parameter inported texter selected it for parameter inported mest clicked reverse uvs selected material and noting! i have the gray cube with no texture.... in wings it looks fine....

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    I thought you needed a 32 bit file.

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    Are you doing this with a TGA file? If so, you'll really want to convert it to DDS before you import it into CFHodEd. There are all kinds of issues later on, even if you get CFHodEd to display the texture correctly.

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    wings3d creates a tga file but ill look into it....

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    Yes, you just have to run that TGA through a DDS converter before you import it into HW2. If you don't, you're just asking for trouble down the line, like crashes or textures that just look wrong.

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    ok so i exported my texture used to make a texture saved as. then inported into cfhoded and still not texture.... my computar must hate me....

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    you need a second texture- desaturate the texture you have, and make it only in the blue channel (no red or green) if you want you can add green where you want the texture to glow. save this and import it into cfhoded with the texture you have at the moment. next, go to the materials tab and create a new material. rename it root. in the parameters box add a new parameter and name it "$diffuse" without the quotes. in the texture box, select the first texture (the normal one). then add another parameter and name it "$glow" again without quotes, and in the texture box select the second texture (the blue/green one)

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    ok ty so much i was wondering if it was cuz i dont have a glow tex illl try it after school

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    ok i have another problem.... the texture wont render correctly or somthing it is out of place and just completly messed i cant even texture a fucking square with 6 completly differnt colors i used red, green, blue, teal, orange, and pink.... i can take some screenshots if u want...

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    post pictures of both the textures

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    here is the $diffuse/$glow and a picture of cfhoded


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    Blender does offer a tutorial on texturing.

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    Guten Morgen, Ich suche eine Anleitung zum erstellen von Glow Textur für Modele in Photoshop , Ich habe genügend selbergebaute Modelle Samt Texturen (habe Mods für EAW Foc gemacht), Kann mir dabei jemand weiterhelfen

    Good morning, I'm looking for a tutorial for creating Glow texture for Modele in Photoshop, I have plenty myself built models velvet textures (have mods for EAW Foc made), Can anyone here help me

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