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Aku - Banned

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    Karos Aku - Banned

    Violating this guideline

    Specifically the big bold lettered one

    King of Chaos Links/Threads are banned

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    Ohh, I new ban.
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    Chaos link? What kind of Chaos link, if I may ask? Wasn't it a link to an RPG site? How's that Chaosy? Forgive me if I sound noobish.

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    I asked the same question many a year ago. Apparently you go to as many message boards as possible and try to get people to join your clan/group/holy covenant/whatever. And if you get the most people you get bragging rights. If you ask me, that sounds both really bad and slightly biased.

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    It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly stupid some of the members we get truly are.

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    KoC is a text-based TBS game where you get resource points for recruiting members into your kingdom and having them click on the site once per day. For the purposes of the forum guidelines, this is used to refer to any similar scheme.
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    Same thing with those vampire games where you "bite" people by having them click on a link etc etc.

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    Man am I glad that I am not the only one not knowing what KoC meant

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