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DreamReaver - banned

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    Karos DreamReaver - banned

    Update: DreamReaver has been reinstated, following a discussion of his case.

    DreamReaver was banned for -- yes, you've guessed it -- warez.

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    **deep voice** Banning spree!

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    Classic, severijn.

    my suggestion

    Read Our Intrepid Crew, updating weekly on Tuesdays.

    Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Start here

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    I wouldn't be surprised if I proposed a number of bans in the near future as I clean up Tanis, but I don't think that we should get ban-happy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TBS
    What we have here is a case of the living dead running amok and making an administrative burden of themselves.

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    click me for a lower-case word,not in bold!!!

    dangit locutus!you always post right before me,and then stop what ever im saying!

    IonFish is way overusing his poor ion cannon today!!
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    Banning Spree! Banning Riot! Banpage! BANZERKER!


    Double Ban! Triple Ban! Bantacular! Ban Frenzy! Bantrocity! BANIMANJARO!

    Yes, we do love Halo and Halo 2 too much.

    3 bans in one day, that has got to be a record on here.
    There one moment, and there the next.

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    Double Ban! Triple Ban! Bantacular! Ban Frenzy! Bantrocity! BANIMANJARO!
    Ooo, I like that one! Banimanjaro!

    Despite not being able to pronounce it.

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    According to my time zone, there are still 9 hours remaining before the day is over, and thus still a chance for an even further increase in the number of bans in one day. Will this record of three be broken before it is even set?

    Not the Librarian, surely. He Of The Long Build Time.
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    Ardnacrusha, Ireland gotta do what you gotta do...

    Keep up the good work!
    -Eldar Player defending 120 guardsmen armour

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    Which Admin can make it to: Bantacular!

    But anywho... the dude deserved it... Warez is EVIL!

    "Sanity... Now why would I want an annoying thing like that?"

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    After reading DreamReaver's post more carefully, it looks like the case was less clear-cut than it first appeared. Consequently, he has been reinstated with a warning.

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