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The Homeworld Legacy Map Pack (170 Maps!) V2.0 - Compatible with All Mods - UPDATES -

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    Feel free to leave instructions for people with similiar problems in the future. However, I was not aware of any problem happening with other people.

    I'm curious if it's a problem that you alone are experiencing.

    If you could figure out why it needs such a workaround that might help, and maybe I could fix it not to be a problem.

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    Well, basically the file that your maps are in isn't the same file that Complex 5.5 maps are. If used in an un-compressed state (I don't know if it would work with Complex 5.5) then it would just be a simple file move. However, because it's in a .big file, you have to at the very least decompress it and then move your files into it (I haven't tried running it un-compressed... I don't know why it wouldn't work though). However, it may have been something wrong that was a unique case. Perhaps you could try it with Complex 5.5 and see what happens?

    My thought on a workaround would have a version that simply has instructions to put the map files in a different folder than they're normally placed (normal place= multiplayer folder, different place= complexlevels folder) so that the mod can find it. That is of course assuming it will work with your maps being un-compressed while the rest of the Complex mod is compressed, but I'm not too sure that it would work....

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    Of the maps I've played, they just don't work very well.

    The idea and effort is awesome, but hearing you've culled "unacceptably laggy" maps already, I dread to think how bad those ones really are.

    I'm only a casual player so I'm surprised more people aren't unable to play slow, crunchy maps too.

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    Are you just complaining about level lag or is there something else? Reporting your system specs or particular levels/issues might help.

    99% of them run fine on my computer, and I've warned that this is not made for lower spec computers. I've been meaning to make a version for that, but college makes me busy.
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    They play fine on mine, on a few of them I could sugjest more ru's, ops I didn't see the resource multiplyer patch. I assume the patch goes in the resource folder?
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    Each folder in the zip is for a different multiplier, pick the one you want and go inside, you'll find a resource folder in there, drag that into the data folder it should work fine.

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    Oh, ok.


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    will these work for HW2 ????

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    -.- ... hm - wich forum is this huh ?

    --> This is a mappack for hw2 .. so hm ... it may work with hw 2 ..
    Shouldn't it ? ;-)

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    well it the website says they are HW1 maps

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    yep ... ported over to hw2 ... i think they used those hw1 to hw2 map converter for most of the work wich is somewhere here in the forum

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    Definitely for HW2 folks, If you went through the thread youd know this for sure.

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    Has anyone had any luck in using the maps in the Legacy Map Pack with the Complex mod? I've tried a few times but haven't succeeded yet.

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    SIMPL1: I used unfBig to decompile Complex55.big, then merged the files from the already uncompiled map pack with the decompiled complex 5.5 files, then re-merged them. This didn't work at first, but then I did it again with a little difference. Instead of leaving the map files where they were, I moved them into the complexlevels folder (which is in the multiplayer folder). After re-compiling it, it worked!
    (lengthy+descriptive for anyone else who has this problem)

    If that doesn't work you can explain the problem and perhaps I can help you troubleshoot it :/

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    SIMPL1: I used unfBig to decompile Complex55.big, then merged the files from the already uncompiled map pack with the decompiled complex 5.5 files, then re-merged them. This didn't work at first, but then I did it again with a little difference. Instead of leaving the map files where they were, I moved them into the complexlevels folder (which is in the multiplayer folder). After re-compiling it, it worked!
    (lengthy+descriptive for anyone else who has this problem)
    Ah thanks, I'll try that. Last time I tried to put into the Complex.big file like you did the first time it didn't work for me.

    EDIT: Do you mean to put it in the Complex55\leveldata\multiplayer\complexlevels\ folder?

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    Can you unzip the map pack to a folder then copy a given map to your datafile? And secondly, is there any way to increase those stingy resource numbers to those actually in the game?

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    Alkezo: I'm not sure, try it until it works.

    Dzadzey: Yes the maps work by themselves as long as the resource files are in the data folder too. If you look at the bottom of the first post you'll also find a resource multiplier patch for the map pack.

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    Ok I've tried to implement the map pack to the Complex mod in varies ways now and it still won't work.

    I've tried to place the maps along with their .tga thumbs into the Complex55\leveldata\multiplayer\complexlevels folder where the other maps are and it just crashes when I start up the game through the shortcut I use for Complex.

    Any other ways I've used doesn't make the game crash but the maps don't show up on the list when I try to start a map. Other ways include placing a folder in the Complex55\leveldata\multiplayer\complexlevels folder to put the maps in and putting a folder in the Complex55\leveldata\multiplayer folder.

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    The complex mod involves some very customised data. It's possible that could be a reason why the maps are crashing.

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    Well I don't even get a chance to see if the maps crash. The game crashes after I try to start the game up. It seems putting the maps where they "belong" crashes the game but any other way doesn't crash but they don't show up on the list.

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    Contact the creators of the Complex Mod with this. They know their mod far better than I and can probably figure it out very quickily and easily. This should not be difficult.

    Complex mod complaints have only appeared recently, perhaps a new version introduced some kind of incompatibility.

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    the download page is down.........

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    Sorry, old server went down, will find a new hosting spot soon.

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    could you post filefront or rapidshare links temporarily until you find a new host?


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    Yes PLEASE! this would be so AWESOME!
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    Sorry everyone, apparently my server was just experiencing an extended period of unexplained downtime . It's back up now. If you ever have problems downloading in the future feel free to use these mirror links (added to the frontpage too):

    Version 2.0 ZIP Format (Rapidshare)
    Version 2.0 ZIP Format (Megaupload)

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    Tefeari, can the compiled maps be de-compiled by some program or other? What compilation did you use?

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    It's in a .big, right ? Use unfbig, it's hanging around somewhere.
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    Ok, Thanks for the tip. I will look that up.

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    It was not in .big format. The unfbig program did not work on it. It has to be some other compilation that Homeworld can read. If anyone knows what Tefeari used to compile the map files, please post it here so I can see if there is a de-compiler I can use. The non-compiled files he said he had a link to does not work any longer. Have been finding a lot of dead links in this forum lately. Will be checking back periodically for any info. Thanks guys.
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    What type of files were they?
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    Um... did you try un-zipping it first (using WinZip or WinRar or the built-in windows tool)?

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    The files were originally zipped when I downloaded them. I unzipped them to put them in the game. They work fine in game. However, when I looked at one in the hopes of maybe modifying it to play better in H2 Complex, I could not read it. Tefeari had said in an earlier post that he had "compliled" the .level files to play faster in game (i.e. higher frame rate). But he never specified what compilation he had used. He hinted at it not being able to be decompiled, but not in specific words. I have tried lua decompiling, and archiving, and now .big on the file in question. It won't read in any of the level editors either. But, the game has no problem with it. So, that is why I am wondering what compilation did he use on the lua format he stated with to get it in the format I am now looking at? All the .level files he has in the download are this way. The one I am looking at in particular is "5p_NGC-3184.level".

    Was just wondering if anyone else had been successful in decompiling any of these level files since there was some talk of it earlier in this thread.

    P.S. Just tried WinRAR on it and it does not recognize anything in it either. So, the raw file is not zipped or otherwise archived.
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    mvcx: Sorry it took me so long to notice your post. PMing me will get my attention faster in the future. Sure, I should have a recompiled version somewhere, I'll look around for it.

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    All links on the front page should be working again.

    mvcx: I've uploaded the uncompressed levels to a server here

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    Many Thanks to you Tefeari. These will be a great help to me and to others. Appreciate your work on this map pack.
    Thanks again.

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    This is an awesome map pack. I'll probably be playing some of these with a friend over the next few days so I'll pass along anything if I notice it.

    Not sure if it's necessary but maybe we can make a list of the maps that have low resources, so even if they won't be changed at least users can know to set the resource multiplier to high. So far low resource maps are:

    Subjugate your friends

    also Overkill has some pathing issues around the asteroids fields; moving destroyers around is kind of glitchy.

    and finally the main link is dead. The mirrors work though.

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    this pack would be great on Desura service as downloadable directly into the game
    (service like STEAM for game modifications from team)
    and hopefully more Homeworld 2 mods will join the fray
    so far only 5 HW2 mods are there compared to dozens on

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    hi ive just got a new PC and reinstalled HW2 and the EX mod v2 and dowloaded several map packs but every time i try to find the new maps in game there not there not there any able to help thanks

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    Is there a new backgrounds?

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