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Schqwnbean - Banned

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    Karos Schqwnbean - Banned


    I've been looking for a DoW ISO or other cd image to use in Daemon Tools, but cannot find one, or the software to make one.

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    When will they realise these are the official relic forums?

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    My guess is: never.

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    You know with the giant RELIC sigh on to, you'd think they'd get a clue.

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    If people who get banned for warez don't have meany posts then it's likely that they just signed up on the offchance that they could get some warez pointers. They probably don't care about being banned from the forum.

    I'm not condoning this in any way; just pointing out the possibility. If I am right then it will never stop.

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    When will they realise these are the official relic forums?
    2nd thursday of next week

    and plus to add to the offical forums: when the website is you would think it has something to do officially with Relic i mean just maybe

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    In all fairness, the domain is not owned by Relic. It also shouldn't matter whether the forums are "official" or not.. most well-populated internet forums will not allow warez.

    They aren't going to risk being shut down over some silly little warezmonkeys who just register in order to steal software.

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    If the game is too expensive for them straight from the store, they can always look for a second-hand copy on some trading site or from a friend. Downside is that one can never know whether the CD-key has not been leaked out to more people out there, which might cause a problem with multiplayer games.
    In such case, IIRC most companies have an option where in case you lose your CD-key, you can contact the customer support to get a replacement one for a (usually) small fee. :2cents: I remember a friend of mine talking about it on some other board.
    However you also need to provide some proof to the support guys that your copy has been legally purchased. A simple "sure, I have the box right there" aint going to convince them.

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    As I recall they usually ask you to razor out the original UPC or the first page of the manual and mail it in.
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    As I recall they usually ask you to razor out the original UPC or the first page of the manual and mail it in.
    Do they send a new manual back?

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