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Tyranid trygon pic

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    Tyranid trygon pic

    Copied from 40k online where I presume it was copied from somewhere else. :bag:

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    Looks cool. Like a giant Ravener.
    I like it.

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    WTF is that
    wot ever it is I like it
    (> <)

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    Armorcast made a trygon too didn't they?

    Anyways, I really like the looks of this (even really is a giant ravener!)

    Might get one...
    500 Days...

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    If I was that guardsman, I'd be using my gun on myself right about now...

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    First I saw the head and upper torso. "Looks like a slightly bigger Ravener. Nothing too impressive."

    Then I saw the Guardsman and got the idea of the thing's scale.
    It was like "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

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    urm? maybe it is just a giant ravener? like a 5 up one? they always make them then scale the models down later. this maybe have been used in the production of the real ravener

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    Check the scale of Scything Talons to the body and the head design. Definitely not.

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    They wouldn't photgraph it alongside another model if it was going to be reduced in size later on. I might even but this one!

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    Damn. If I was that guardsman, I'd be pullin the pin on my grenade and chucking it. Then, with the other frag, I'd kill myself.

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    For telling it's FW...

    Another thing to look at would be the scything talons. Not the scale, but the detail.

    If you have ever seen a FW scything talon and a GW one, you'll know why one model costs a WHOLE lot more than the other...FW stuff is so goddamned detailed.

    It is harder to tell from this pic, but if you know what to look for you can see it.

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    Someone has I lot a time on thier hands... looks like skeletized it from scrap Tyranid parts, with main body and parts of the head built and scuplted out of resin... actually looking at more closly that is, just love the stuff... sort of like the 'Inquisitor Toth' model for the game Inquisitor... too much detail and they couldn't put it into mass production...*sigh*

    Otherwise thats cool... Wished I had one... too lazy, if I wanted to build one.... not including the fact, where to start on that thing... oh well, I'll just let Forge World do all the cool models, along with thier "minions."

    Yea, that is built by a Forge World sculpture, becuase I notice some of the stuff in the background... Like the manta poster and stuff on shelves, i.e. Forge World in big letters.

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