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Guide: Converting DoW/WA Music

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    Guide: Converting DoW/WA Music

    When DoW originally came out I spent forever trying to figure out how to get ahold of the music. If you search for my posts, that is probably most of what I have posted on :-P

    Here is the full story on the DoW Music:

    1. The pre-order of the original DoW came with a preview CD that had some "making of" movies and "the soundtrack". This wasn't very good, though, because it didn't include all the tracks. I am not sure why they billed it as the soundtrack to the game when in fact it didn't have the whole soundtrack. I was looking for 2 songs in particular that you hear all the time in the game and they weren't there :-P

    2. The german site for DoW did/does have some assorted tracks. Most of these were on the CD. Strangely, there was I think one track in there that doesn't even appear in the game that I have seen - still not sure about this.

    3. I looked through the mod tools, but there was nothing of any help there for converting out of the format they use in the game files to any playable format.

    4. That lead me to recording the missing ones myself, which can be done by using a sound editing program to record the output directly from your sound card to hard disk. I turned down all the sound except the music and played some games, getting a block of several tracks and then editing them into individual .wav tracks. This actually works, but doesn't capture them in their 'native' format and is a bit of work. You can also do this with the mod tools, as detailed in the RDN Wiki.

    5. I eventually searched every forum I could find about DoW or Homeworld, figuring someone had to have some information, as homeworld and DoW share similarities in their game files.

    Eventually I came upon several threads in both relicnews and other forums that when combined allow you to extract and convert the game files into something playable (thanks to forums!). At this point I had the trick, but I never got around to posting it. Then jTommy released his pack of tools, which made the process even easier, as it includes the Relic tools for converting into .WAV natively.

    So here it is, a (hopefully) easy guide for getting the music out of Dawn of War!

    (All steps were done in Windows XP Pro - I don't think it would be much different for any other version of Windows)

    First you need to extract the music from the .SGA files. In the original DoW there are several quality levels, but in WA music has it's own seperate SGA file. Obviously you want to use the highest quality ones available (if there is a choice). These are:

    <Dawn of War install directory>\W40k\W40kData-Sound-Full.sga <--- Original DoW
    <Dawn of War install directory>\WXP\WXPData-Music.sga <--- Winter Assault

    You use Spooky's Relic Archive Tool to get the *.fda files from these files. The thread for this tool can be found here:

    You can download the tool from that thread, or use this link:

    Filefront [Download]

    Make sure you read the readme file for this tool, as it requires that you add some .dll's to your system to make it work correctly.

    The Original DoW file:

    The WA file:

    Simply click the "Save all files in archive" button to extract all the files:

    After you extract, all the files you want will be in the directory:

    <Dawn of War install directory>\W40k\Data\sound\music <---- Dow
    <Dawn of War install directory>\WXP\Data\sound\music <---- WA

    The files you want are the ones that end in ".fda". It may be easiest to copy them to another empty directory to play around with them. I copied them into "C:\conversion".

    Once you have that, you need to convert them into .AIFx files. I originally found a conversion tool that turned them into .AIFR files, but jTommy's pack includes additional tools for converting the music even further. The official thread for that tool is here:

    and you can download the pack here:

    Filefront [Download]

    Alternative [Download]

    Unpack the conversion tool above and put it in the same directory with all the .fda files. If you want to keep the 2 sets of music seperate, you can just copy one set of files at a time. In keeping with the example, I unpacked the conversion tools to "C:\conversion" and then copied just the original DoW music files into the directory as well.

    The tools are all used at the command line. Go to Start->Run and type:

    and hit enter:

    Once here, you need to navigate to the directory where all the files are and then type the command:

    fda2aifc.exe *.fda
    Seen here:

    These .aifc files can be played with Winamp using a special plugin that can be found here:

    Otherwise, you can type in one more command to convert them to .wav files, which any audio program can play. This command is:

    decShell.exe *.aifc
    After this is all done, you can copy out your converted files for later use, copy in another set (from WA) and restart the entire process.

    .wav files can be played by any audio software or MP3 player, but if you want to convert to .mp3 files you can use the LAME encoder (the best free mp3 encoder out there). The homepage can be found here:

    but to use it you will need the "binaries" or compiled code (exe), which can be found here:

    I will let you read their help files for how to use that tool.

    That's it!

    Disclaimer: I had no part in creating any of the tools or plugins that are linked in this thread. I just researched how to do all this, typed these instructions, and made the screenshots. The people who made all these tools deserve much credit for their efforts!

    Enjoy the DoW music! (as I am while writing this up :-D)


    Some things that I have added in various reply posts (so you don't have to look through it all):

    From post #17:

    The menu music for original DoW is not in the sound-full SGA. I did some digging and found it in the Engine.sga file with the rest of the menu beeps and other things.

    <DoW Install Directory>\Engine\Engine.sga

    It's in the sound/music folder of that file and is called:

    From post #13:

    The unit speech files are located in this .SGA by default (for my english copy of DoW):

    <DoW Install Directory>\W40k\Locale\English\W40kData-Sound-Speech.sga

    After you extract that file, all the speech will be in:

    <DoW Install Directory>\W40k\Locale\English\data\sound\speech\races\

    I'll append any more info here when it becomes available.
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    thanks! Finally i can listen to all that lovely DoW music

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    i hinestly can't do any of that. command line kill me. Being myself with my computer it wont work. can someone get a few tracks for me? (menu music for both game and that track from the credits).
    on a side not why doesnt anyone try and make a converter to save all thease steps? I bet if there was an effort in this community there would be WA tools by now and programs better that relics.

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    Big big f***ing BIG thanks to you, Vecctor, jTommy, and Spooky Rat utility creator. You are my brand new action heroes.

    This is just damn great.


    Oh, come on! If you can type your nick, some good ol' command typing won't hurt you! The "effort" is fully rewarded, believe me.
    In any other case, create that utility by yourself.

    *drools listening to WA music*

    Thanks, again!
    Need a Spanish Translator for your mod? PM me and we'll se what can be done.

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    I haven't read all of it now, but is it then also possible to take your own music, convert it back to the DAwn of WAr format and then you've got your own music in the game ?
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    Um, guys, you really need to read the RDN wiki

    Having "searched everywhere" its hard to miss the stickies pointing to it. It would be a much more appropriate place for this tutorial, and I'll add it sometime later.

    But, you can already record or play back music using the Audio editor in the mod tools of course. Anyway, good that a tool has been made to do it properley (abheit a very long workaround way!)

    Current DOW information on modding + FAQ - A good read for new and old modders alike!
    RDN Wiki Temp Location - Help, tutorials, Mod Tools info.

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    I am registered on Relic's developer site to get access to the Wiki, and I'd be happy to throw it in there . . if I had the first clue how

    And yeah, I mentioned in #4 you can recaord the music in-game or in the mod tools, but that doesn't have the same quality, and generally requires some editing. Getting the music in its native format was the "holy grail" for me after being dissapointed at listening to the pre-order soundtrack. Just thought others might want the same.

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    Cool Vector I can get some good samples now.
    You could also use your soundcard if you have a good one, to record "what you hear" while using the audio editor.

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    HOT D###!

    I've been dying to have the menu 'music' (with the 'choral' aspect) for some time.. AWESOME!!!!

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    I've been dying to have the menu 'music' (with the 'choral' aspect) for some time.. AWESOME!!!!
    Yeah the choral parts are excellent. What's really great is that the WA soundtrack has both the track and also the seperate parts of the track. So for most of the pieces it will include a seperate track for the symphonic portion, another for the percussion and choir, and sometimes one with just the percussion portion.

    The game actually uses all of them if you listen while you are playing - it actually makes it sound like a whole different piece hehe.

    You could also use your soundcard if you have a good one, to record "what you hear" while using the audio editor.
    Yeah, I did that before all this came about (#4 in my post) but getting the tracks in their native form is much better
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    Still a just a regular member four years and counting...
    Vecctor, do you know where I can find the sound files for the units themselves? Particuarly selection and idle sounds. I looked in \40k\data\sound\races\chaos but those names dont seem to be related to selection/idle sounds. Theyre sound files for things like weapons and whatnot.

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    Member Nazuel's Avatar
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    Still a just a regular member four years and counting...
    Ugh. I must be doing something wrong, I just cant figure it out. I can find all kinds of sounds like melee hits, blocks, special ability usage and whatnot......but even some of the units are missing. Cultists, and CSMs namely from Chaos, and I dont see any of the selection/idle/combat voice files. Ive dug through the entire SGA library in my DoW directory. A bit of help pointing me in the right direction would greatly help please.

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    The speech files are located in this .SGA by default (for my english copy of DoW):

    <DoW Install Directory>\W40k\Locale\English\W40kData-Sound-Speech.sga

    After you extract that file, all the speech will be in:

    <DoW Install Directory>\W40k\Locale\English\data\sound\speech\races\

    Hope that helps!

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    Hmm, I can't seem to find this VB6 thing. Could you people by any chance zip the music up and make them available for download? Maybe at or something, because I can't get this to work.

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    Having a problem here....
    With the Spooky's thing, when I try to extract the oxc and the dll files, they already are in the windows/system32. I press no to all of them. I DO NOT want to overwrite them in fear of messing something up. Can anyone tell me if this actually works or messes anything up? I do not want to kill this computer. I am running Windows XP home edition and I think I have downloaded the Visual Basic 6 files.

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    Still a just a regular member four years and counting...
    Thank you very much Vecc, that was the only folder that I didnt check! Silly me, but alls well that ends well. Thanks again for your contributions to getting this process done as painless as possible.

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    The runtime specified in Spooky's readme is available free here:

    @Kool_Kirby - Not sure if I had to overwrite any files. Does it work if you just say no and try running the program? I don't know much about Spooky's tool, so it might be best to take any questions to the thread for it. All I can say is that it didn't mess up anything for me

    @Demonic Badger - I thought about doing something like that, but I figured making a guide to get it out would be better. I'm pretty sure releasing the tracks for anyone to download would be illegal, while this method is just using your copy of the game to get the music (which isn't any different than modding).

    @Nazuel - Happy to help

    Also I got some PMs that brought up some interesting things. Kwon mentioned the menu music for original DoW is not in the sound-full SGA. I did some digging and found it in the Engine.sga file with the rest of the menu beeps and other things.

    <DoW Install Directory>\Engine\Engine.sga

    It's in the sound/music folder of that file and is called:

    that directory also has another track, but that one is already in the sound-full with the majority of the tracks. This got me looking in other SGA files for stray tracks, but all I found was a couple loops of music in the WA sound-full file. They aren't full tracks; I think it is just loops of parts of the other ones.

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    Vecctor: I got it to work. Thanks a lot. I truly appreciate your guide.

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    Hello everybody !
    Well, I have a problem with the program...
    Can you send me just the menu game's music please???
    Please please please ! lol
    Take care !

    PS : sorry for my english, but I think there is worse ! ;D

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    This is FAR TOO ******* complicated to do. I don't know where to begin. I got the mod tools and everything but nothing works its just crazy.
    Could someone just send me the music in an e-mail at or post it on a site so it can be downloaded. please, please, FFS please!!!

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    By the way vecctor could you do a Aifr->fda tool? I know we can do it via the mod tools but it will be better to have an executable to have a dynamic playlist while in game.
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    @WDI: I didn't actually make any of the tools I linked here. I would head over to jTommy's thread to make any requests - he would probably have the knowledge to help you out. His tool is the FDA->AIFC converter.

    @murphyj2005: I can't help you with any files (see my response to Demonic Badger above), but I tried to make this guide as complete as possible. I would suggest reading all the readme files if you are having issues with the tools. It does take a bit of effort, but the method does work. Unfortunetly there isn't currently a better way to do it.

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    Sgt Tyr
    Wow. Very helpful with no problems at all.

    Excellent post. Thank you. :thumb:

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    Use Zatch's Music Converter Tool.

    It converts WAV and i think MP3 files back into FDA.

    Just drag & drop the file into the window,click on the button and thats it.

    I use it to put custom sounds into HW2.

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    Homeworld Sound files are not the same as the FDA files that Dawn of War uses, I'm pretty sure the Homeworld tools don't work with DOW's files.

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    Creator of the Total War mod.
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    Canada- village down there
    I don't normally log in but...

    I LOVE YOU! This is sooooooo awesome, I had no troubles with it since im a Nerd. Easy-to-follow guide and awesome results!

    PEACE OUT vecctor!

    *off to use his huge wav library of warhammer 40,000 unit speech*


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    VERY nice Vector...VERY nice!!

    Folks, this is NOT too complicated....pop your Adderall and try again (I've been ADHD, undiagnosed, no meds...if I can do it, you can).

    VERY simple, VERY easy to do.

    FYI: Spooky's DLL/OCX files. I overwrote ONLY if the file was newer. I think COMCTL.OCX was older...worked great, no computer issues.

    Have nice day. :Pimp:

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    Guest question...where can the DoW Main Menu music be found? I've searched everywhere and can't find it.

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    Hey spooky I instaled your tools and when I open them it says:
    Run Time error 429 active component cant create object.
    wat does it mean?
    I already downloaded the microsoft thingy ,however I dont know fr wat it is and after I install it it disapears.
    Last edited by Gabriel Angelos; 3rd Nov 05 at 6:11 PM.

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    Right, sorry to revive old thread but where are the Dow and WA menu tracks? They ain't in the folder you told us to extract.

    Very nice guide anyways! Thumbs up

    EDIT: OK Found WA menu theme it was there after all but DoW menu is still missing.
    Last edited by Kalevispetke; 3rd Nov 05 at 11:51 AM.

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    can you skip the .fda conversion and go straight to the .wav conversion using the 'decShell.exe *.aifc' cmd?

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    kay different direction entirely, and sorry if this might be in another thread. Is there any way to do this in reverse? Say, put in music of my own to play during game? How bad ass would it be to play Metallica while you're owning someone's army?

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    as long as it's not new metallica! :cranky:

    anyway this worked perfect!
    and no you don't need vb6 if you have your windows xp pro updated.

    here is a great .wav file converter if you want high quality mp3s.

    just make sure you get the lame encoder.
    Last edited by NathrakH; 3rd Nov 05 at 12:33 PM.

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    @Kalevispetke & MonkeyWithAnUZI: Look at post #17 of this thread

    @NathrakH: I am fairly certain there isn't any way to shortcut the process, since DoW uses a special .FDA format (for example, that is the only reason why you need jTommy's tool). Glad you got it to work though

    @Compeador: I am pretty sure the mod tools were able to do the conversion to FDA so that you could put custom sounds and tracks in a mod. However that would require you to make a 'Metalica DoW mod' just for that, which might involve some scripting and other things to get the music in and playing correctly.

    A far easier way to listen to other music while playing is to simply turn the volume of the game music all the way down in the options menu, and have your own music program playing in the background while you play DoW. Load up your favorite Metallica playlist in Winamp and let it go while mowing some Orks down!
    Last edited by vecctor; 3rd Nov 05 at 8:17 PM.

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    I am kinda stuc right now, I could download the wrar351 for open the spooky rat file however each time I open the soopyrat.exe it says error429 active x component cant create object.

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    @Pitalla_KingEle: Not sure what the problem is (might want to read through the thread for the too itself), but I would suggest looking through the readme file very carefully and make sure you have done everything it says.

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    Due to many requests I wrote AIFC=>FDA converter. URL is the same (

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    Now we just need a WAV > AIFC converter, then we can make all the music for the game we want!

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    Did a bit of searching and couldn't find a plugin for CoolEdit (my version only supports .aif, not .aifc) but did find this:

    That might work for your .wav > .aifc conversion needs

    On the subject of music, if anyone needs some situational music for cut scenes or background music for scenarios, I'm a musician and I might be able to knock out something that's a bit more suitable than Metallica

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    @The Legacy: use Relic encoder (enc.exe or encShell.exe) from my tools pack

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    Um, guys, to put music into the game, you can burn it correctly by using the Relic Audio Tool, heh.

    And jTommy, if you want to provide a quick overview of how the stuff works, I'll put it on the wiki. PM me some info if you want to.

    And Dajmin, mod teams which are building up campaigns (or just mod teams with new races) could do with some custom music. For example, put some samples up of what you think the Tau/Steel Legion/Blood Angels/Squats...etc...etc... music might be like, or ask them if they need a musician.

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    *DOH* :umm:

    This is why you shouldn't start reading a thread at 11:00pm on Tuesday...HEH! Thank you sir! I was digging through other .sga files, but ignored that file (silly me).

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    Member Gabriel Angelos's Avatar
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    Hey veccor, I got stcuk where it says that I have to put the ox and dll files into the system 32 file.
    I have 2 main 32 files, however 1 has loads of things in it and the program doesnt work, and in the other it asks me to find and installer, however I retried today now and it says that a component its not registered or its invalid.

    wat would that mean?

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    Just wanted to warn you tommy that the download link is dead, as i speak. Anyway much thanks for the aifc->fda converter, you should hear about a dynamic playlist for dow soon, something which cannot be done with the audio tool .

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    hey also when I install the VB6 Microsoft thing it just installs itself and dissappears.And I cannot find it at control pannel :/

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    I have edited the main post and added the couple of new things that were learned after the initial posting. That should clear up any more of the reccurring questions about the menu music and speech files.

    @Pitalla_KingEle: I have given you every tip I can think of over PM. I think your main issue is with the Spooky Archive tool so I would head over to the thread for it, or PM Spooky. He knows more about his tool than me Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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    The document with FDA and AIFC specs is here:
    Updating pages I leave to you, since I think you do it better.

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    I will update the wiki sometime, thanks jTommy

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