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Chaos VS Eldar: strategies anyone?

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    Chaos VS Eldar: strategies anyone?

    I have a friend who thinks his Eldar army is all-powerful and he talks about how he can kill half an army in the first turn (assuming the first turn is his) and this is really getting on my nerves; so I'm wondering if you guys have any good strategies for Chaos to go against Eldar players! I really wish he would lose his "Nobody can beat me!" attitude (he's a good friend most of the time though) I'm going to have to read his Eldar codex and get some info on the rules for them... just to make sure there's no unfairness when I play him.

    Anyways, have any good strategies? I collect a Chaos Undivided (Black Legion) army, but strategies from all Legions would be good, even though they won't help all too much...

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    One thing that would help us help you defeat your friend is knowing what sort of Eldar army he has. Does he go for lots of guardians, lots of aspect warriors, lots of tanks, starcannon army of doom, etc.

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    kill half the army in the first turn? thats a starcannon of doom army. well, he has no strategy, thats for're best bet is to load up on the fastest, close combat-iest troops you can and charge into them. bikers to charge into combat asap and hold up a starcannon squad.

    chaos can have drop pods, and drop pod dreads will be hell for him. mounted daemonettes- anything with talons to take on any wraithlords he might have.

    not sure what else, but youre thinking fast, and choppy.

    alternatively, you can go the other way, and pack a couple of preds and a defiler. lots of heavy bolters and missile launchers. maybe some obliterators for good measure. bugger ot, go iron warriors! nothing the eldar hate more than heavy bolters!
    it's been a while!

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    Infiltrating your entire army will give him a headache. Anti tank could come in the form of either meltaguns or lascannon predators (or a bloodthirster, which could end up being a great investment for a game like this). Just build your list so that it gets in his face as fast as possible, and has ways to deal with problem units like wraithlords and skimmers.

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    If he has a army that kill half of yours in a turn i sense lots of starcannons(I havent read any of what the others have wrote).

    So get some Heavy bolters/autocannons, ap4 the perfect Gaydar killer. Maybe a squad of missiles(Tank hunters)

    Also if he has gone all anti-troop try and mix in some vehicles id recommend predators, or dreadnoughts(Dont bother with mutated hull because bright lances negate that effect). Daemonic Possession is a must but i havent got round to converting my models with it yet. Make sure there is a bit of cover, try and use every ounce and inch of cover to get cover saves & hull-down units. Heavy bolters murder eldar but stick them in cover and outta range of Dark Reapers.

    You could try a bit of close combat. Try some infiltration with Daemons. Daemonpacks(The troop ones) any daemon unit will do each daemon unit buggers up eldar immsensly(Daemonettes, Flamers, Plague Bearers, Bloodletters).

    Bloods:- Str5 powerweapons, 3+ svs n 5+ inv.
    Plague:- Daemonvenom, perfect wraithlord/avatar killers(Never wound on anything higher than a 4+).
    Nettes: -1 In, like rending claws, also good wl/avatar killers.
    Flamers:- Mini 18" heavy bolters.

    Dude, daemons murder eldar.
    Make sure u learn the rules for them, on how they are summoned/deployed.

    Maybe a bit of fast CC, a infiltrating Lord, w/ Daemonic speed(He can also have fleet of foot if u can give it to a Lord, whereas if u give it to a DP it dont work).

    I wudnt recommend Terminators/obliterators because that what starcannons are designed to take down, perhaps some flying possessed?

    Those flying daemons, furies or w/e they are are also quite nice. Flamers might be nice vs eldar. Perhaps i havoc squad inside a rhino w/ flamers.

    Just ideas =)
    Black legion fair better vs eldar than Iws do.


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    Daemons are your friend against starcannons. A Bloodthirster and a ton of Daemon Packs is the way to go; some bike units for summoning (turbo-boosting across the field so that the Starcannons can't negate their save), and favored numbers for the packs. I'd suggest a mix of Bloodletters, Plaguebearers, and Daemonettes (if you can mix? I play Emperor's Children, so I don't know too much about Undivided...). Or, choose one type of pack and load up on it. 2 large units of bikers with marks should be good; give them Aspiring Champions so that the Bloodthirster (if you do decide to go with him) can be summoned onto one of them. Include a couple Havoc units with autocannons maybe? If you can get it, a Vindicator with Mutated Hull makes an excellent assault tank.

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    Aha!~!! This is perfect!! I designed my army to charge extremely fast with abilities like D. Flight, Infiltrate, and I've got Raptors but no bikes... but I think they'll do. I'm planning to buy some Bikes and a Predator soon. Meanwhile, I've got a Dreadnought for heavy support, as well as some havocs. Heavy bolters come in handy I'm hearing... are they good for just taking down the troops or even usefull for the machines? Here's what I'm hearing so far: Rush as fast as possible, heavy bolters + autocannons are good, Daemons are also very good wraithlord killers (sadly I don't have any... YET!), and... Terminators aren't very useful but I COULD deep strike them close to the wraithlord or something like that to pack a punch (hopefully)

    Ok, now I'm wondering which sqauds to attack first! Should it be the wraithlords? The Dark Reapers? I'm sure its anything that is killer at long range... and yes, his strategy doesn't sound like a true Eldar player. I always thought Eldar mixed their troops, not just shoot with a pack of starcannons! Anyways, that drop-pod idea sounds good, and I'll go look up the rules for that. Can Chaos Undivided summon daemons that belong to other gods? Like... plaguebearers for example. I can summon those if I'm playing an Undivided army? Hopefully I can... that would help tons!

    This is what I need/planning to get: Predator, Possessed, Bikes

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    Bikes are much more resilient than raptors, which is what is needed (invulnerable save).

    If the only vehicle at your disposal is a dreadnought, you should probably avoid fielding it. Any brighlances are going to head right for it.

    Attack anything fragile and shooty. This includes dark reapers, war walkers, guardian defenders, etc. Wraithlords should either be shot to death with special weapons or dealt with by multiple powerfists.

    I'm worried about how you're going to pop skimmers. Is your list posted elsewhere, or could you post it here?

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    Ummm... I don't think I've posted up my list anywhere. I'll do that soon, right now I've got to eat some lunch! :P

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