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Imperial Guard Paint Schemes?

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    Imperial Guard Paint Schemes?

    So I've decided to repaint my guard. I'm to the point where my newest soldiers simply don't match with the rest - they're that much better. Plus I'm tried of my scheme. So now I'm trying to think of a color scheme that would work ok on my urban table, but would not look terribly out of place on say, planet rolling green. Right now I'm thinking German Field Grey armor and Earth, Khaki, or Desert Yellow fatigues. What do you think? Which looks most "catch-all", so to speak? Or should i go in an entirely different direction? Thanks in advance.

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    The German Field Grey and Khaki colours are virtually everything except snow, so I'd go with these.

    BTW is there a GW or Vallejo equivalent of German Field Grey or any way it can be made by mixing colours?
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