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Frequently Asked Questions and Forum Rules - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

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    Alert Frequently Asked Questions and Forum Rules - READ THIS BEFORE POSTING

    About Forum Issues:

    Everyone has their own vision of what the perfect forum should be like, and every forum on the internet has certain users who disagree with the particular moderation "style" of the place they are visiting. This Forum Issues section is not provided here for those members to make their objections known. This includes threads with general subjects like:

    "This forum is over-moderated!"
    "xxx locks too much!"
    "The staff here are Nazis!"

    If your FI thread has just been locked with a link to here, it was probably deemed to have fallen within one of those (or similar) categories. So.. take a deep breath, remove your fist from your computer monitor, and read on:

    The RelicNews forum currently has over 20,000 active members, and we know from the evaluations we take each year that a vast majority of them agree with, and appreciate the way this place is run. These evaluations are called the "State of the Forums" threads, where people get a chance to provide general, non-specific feedback on the staff's performance. This feedback is then discussed in great detail by the administration and then changes are implemented if required.

    With the exception of "State of the Forums" threads, the Forum Issues section is for users to discuss individual, specific and immediate problems/issues with the forums that can actually be addressed. It is not here to provide a voice for random, disgruntled users who simply don't like the way the forums run. If the style of the moderation here just doesn't agree with you, then you need to just get used to the fact that it isn't going to change for you & make the decision to either live with it or find another forum to post on.

    If you have a specific complaint relating to a particular staff action that relates to you (ie. nobody likes vigilantes who go around the forums "fighting" for the rights of others who don't wish to complain), then please feel welcome to make a thread about it. If you have a broader complaint dealing with the moderation/administration "style", then please wait for the next State of the Forums thread, and it will be considered then, along with the opinions of anyone else who wishes to provide an opinion.


    You must read the Forum Rules before posting. Of particular relevance are the Posting Guidelines and Avatar / Custom Title Guidelines.

    Please be reminded that this is a discussion forum and any heated threads will be locked.

    Remember when you post in here to keep your posts coherent and free of flames. Any member who posts in here without a clear contribution to the thread will have his/her access revoked to this forum. If you cannot contribute thoughtfully you will lose all ability to contribute in the future.

    Name Changes
    If you wish to have your name changed, please post in this forum and request it. All name changes are at the discretion of the administration, and no guarantee is provided that requested changes will actually be implemented.

    If you are considering a complaint thread please read through this first and see if any of the answers match your question.

    You guys locked my thread! Why?

    Obvious answer: it violated the guidelines in one form or another.

    Not so obvious answer: We aren't able to cover all possibilities within the guidelines, so the moderator who locked your thread applied a bit of subjective reasoning to their decision. If that reason was not made clear enough by the moderator, please feel welcome to send them a private message asking them to clarify. If you still feel unsatisfied with their response, you are welcome to post the issue here for further scrutiny.

    Nuh-uh! You guys made a mistake!

    We're only human, except for soul. So mistakes do happen. If you feel that the lock was unjustified, try sending a private message to the moderator in question. Be friendly and polite, state your case and ask for an explanation.
    The "friendly and polite" part is important here, "unlock my thread you asshole!" won't get you anywhere.

    The moderator in question couldn't really justify it. Can I take it to his higher-ups?

    That's what the forum issues forum is for. Create a new thread, link to the post/thread in question, and once again calmly and politely state your case. An administrator will look into things.
    Administration decisions are final and as such if a particular topic is locked in here it is considered to be the end of the discussion. Further posting of such topics relating to the original will be frowned upon. That is not to say that any thread here will be treated harshly, but be aware that if a thread is locked, it is for a reason.

    WTF is wrong with you people! Why can't I have a little fun?

    Fun is fine, spam is not. We set high standards here. There are a million forums out there that let you spam your heart out, this is not one of them. If you can't live with that you'll have to find another forum that is more suited to your preferences.

    Relic is just afraid of the truth, they lock all my posts!

    Relic doesn't run these forums. The moderators don't work for Relic either.

    I'm a paying customer and I have a right to say what I want!

    You're not our paying customer. We don't receive any money whatsoever from Relic, so even if you bought ten thousand copies of Dawn of War we wouldn't get to see a single cent of that.
    Since we provide the money and manpower to run this place on our own, you'll have to play by our rules.

    You guys are hurting Relic with this attitude, you know that?

    Considering that quite a few Relic employees read the forums and provide feedback we know that they like the way we run things. And considering that we provide free tech support for their games we're not exactly causing them to lose money.

    What about my freedom of speech?

    This is a privately owned and run internet forum, freedom of speech doesn't apply here.

    Is Relicnews the official Relic Entertainment forum?

    The short answer is 'No!' Relicnews is a private forum owned and run by gamers. The Relicnews staff is completely made up of volunteers from the gaming community. All decisions as to content and forum policies at Relicnews are made independently of Relic Entertainment. Relic Entertainment does not directly support the site financially or otherwise.

    The somewhat longer answer is that for a long while the Relicnews forums were considered the official forums of Relic Entertainment. This status arose out of the relationship between the then staff and the game developers at Relic. Relic did have their own boards in the early days of Homeworld's development, but was doing such an excellent job of being a professional and authoritative site for all things Relic a relationship of trust developed; a level of trust that saw Relic drop support for their own forum. Over time, and through transition from to RelicNews, these forums became the de facto official site for Relic. Relic even directed visitors to their company site to RelicNews for information.

    This relationship went on without any controversy for a long time. Even when THQ acquired Relic Entertainment they were content to leave the relationship as it was, seeing how beneficial it had been for all involved. The world was still happy and all was in order. Unfortunately the relationship became strained when THQ's tech support began directing requests for help to Relicnews. This blurred the lines between the two entities such that it became a point of contention for many in the community. As a result Relicnews decided that it would be best if the "official" title were dropped and Relicnews be presented as the independent entity it actually is. As such THQ and Relic Entertainment have stopped referring to Relicnews as an official site.

    So, while a good relationship still exists between Relicnews, Relic Entertainment and THQ there is no official link and the forums at Relicnews are definitely not the official forums of Relic Entertainment. As such if you want to address questions to Relic or THQ we suggest you do so through their official channels. Please remember that tech support for Relic’s games is only provided by THQ. THQ does not respond to requests for help at Relicnews. Any help available at Relicnews is just gamers helping gamers.

    Why are you guys so mean?

    We're not mean, but we do like to keep our forums here tidy. Some people are more at home in forums with less rules and a more relaxed attitude. If that is what you prefer, then this forum may not be right for you. This is not to say that we don't want you here. But while we are willing to re-evaluate our decisions and modify some of the rules on occasion, we stand firm on enforcing our policies, and you will not change that.

    We are also not above admitting mistakes. If you think we screwed up, let us know. As long as you're doing it calmly and in a polite fashion we will listen to what you have to say.

    Remember: you chose to sign up here voluntarily. You may leave at any time, and you may return at any time. All we ask is that you follow the rules when you're here.
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