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Research Station & New FI Rules

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    Research Station & New FI Rules

    Two things here, but I'll do my part to cut down on spam by making one thread. First off, the HW Research Station is down to one mod, it took locutus awhile to show up to lock one spam thread, and hes not a mod there anymore. Just thought I would throw that out there so somebody can hop on that There've been some new guys there lately that have been prone to spam at times so more than one mod might be considered a good idea. Perhaps we're seeing a re-surgence in modding HW, which would be amazing. Myself, I've used mods but never created them. I read that section every day and compliment my favorite authors when they update thier mods.

    Second, I don't like the new FI rules. Being confronted with a screen that tells me "You do not have sufficent privleges to access this feature" and lists actions that might cause it such as "Editing another user's post" makes me seem positively evil. Normal members, such as myself, do like the ability to post in FI on important matters, though I don't post here regularly, I read it everyday. Aside from being positivly hilarious sometimes, its also great to see normal members having input on the forum. I'd reply to one of the other threads on this and offer my 2RU about why locking this section for normal members is bad, but I can't. Already its created the need for several topics on the same thing. I know the changes arn't permanent, but I don't think locking the board to normal members is the best solution. I think a more practical solution would be simply start handing out points (not the good kind) to people who spam here. Normal members who do post here generally don't spam, and a few points will certainly make them stop. I'm not one to call these boards elitest, I enjoy the way they're run and how they're clean, relativly empty of drivel and compared to the average internet forum this is a MENSA convention. Locking this part of the forum to regulars creates a country club for the seniors, a glass cieling on the boards. I like the idea of aspiring to be a senior member, I'd like to be one someday, but making part of the forums only available to them, that seems counter productive.

    Please, reconsider the new FI rules and my request for a new Research Station mod (I'm available). Thanks.

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    Fiirkan, we have that nifty new report system - if you see a spam thread hit that report button.

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    It would be nice to see how effective the reporting system is in preventing spam under the old rules for FI. My impression is that most of the spam was from senior members, though I may have the wrong idea there.

    As Fiirkan SF said, the new regime results in repetition of threads. Members who want to add their two cents will do so in a new thread, even if it goes against the spirit and letter of the rules. Should points be given to people who create duplicate threads in FI? Perhaps, but it is in effect the same solution as the one I posted above.

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    Riess is going to take on the moderating of the Research Station.

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    I think the FI forum should be managed as so:
    - All users are initally given permission to post in FI
    - For every spam/stupid/annoying thread you begin (eg. the fuzzynuts fiasco), you get 2 points
    - For every spam/stupid/annoying reply, you get 1 point
    - If you get to three points then you're barred from posting in FI for one week? two weeks?

    This would allow everybody to comment and give their views on issues, and still keep the forum clean. The current system of non-senior members only being allowed to create threads, and not reply to other threads will IMHO, just lead to multiple threads on the same topic as there will be non-senior memebers who wish to give their viewpoint. I suggest trying these new FI rules for 2 weeks? 1 month? and seeing what happens. At the end of that, evaluate the pros and cons, and then try a different system.

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