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    Return to old FI

    I don't think I need to point out that I would have posted in Severijn's or [Vertigo]'s thread about this, but I do it anyway. I agree with every word of those two members on the matter of accessibility of this forum and I need not repeat any of their arguments, apart from pointing out that one of the worst spam threads I have encountered in FI during my stay here (the one spawned by "the male hotties thread") was largely augmented by senior members' contributions (and was started by a senior member if I am not mistaken, I am only relying on my memory). There was another spam thread about Soul's fluffiness which had lead a senior member to make a "complaint" about it, and these are only what I remember from my brief stay. And all this under the looming, ominous sticky warning that one might have one's access to FI revoked unless one's posts were a clear contribution to the thread they were posted in. I don't recall a single instance of this being enforced, but it might be due to my novice status here.

    I know there was a problem in FI, with threads often degenerating to mindless chatter, with multiple "omg nazi mods" threads, and the occasional pointless lynch thread (a phenomenon which was laudably countered by reinstating the Karos Graveyard as an admin only forum), but making FI a senior members only club certainly isn't the way to counter it. IMHO it would have been a lot simpler to actually enforce the the ban from FI threatened by the sticky for any offenders, instead of denying access to regular members (and I can name at least Daton, whose contribution in this forum I had noted) and allowing it only to seniors, many of whom were the main offenders here!

    Apart from the mindless chatter, I am also annoyed by "omg nazi mods" threads; I think the staff are doing an excellent job as far as moderation goes, and I have voiced my opinion many times on this. Before the birth of this new FI, I was thinking about proposing some kind of punishment system for anyone starting an "omg nazi mods" thread without following the standard procedure of PMing a mod first about reopening a locked thread, or without posting any proper justification for why they think their thread was unjustly locked; I was sick and tired of seeing FI flooded with this type of threads, but I had decided against proposing this measure, as some people might find it too draconian. That was before I saw the new FI.

    I know that the new FI rules haven't found much acceptance and that they are only under a trial period; I am only joining those who strongly disagree, and I propose that we return to the old status quo with two changes: a) the threat of the sticky should be enforced; NO spamming in FI whatsoever, no witty comments, nothing; be humorless while you are here and answer questions or voice your opinion on the matter at hand, b) anyone who posts a thread about nazi mods without linking to specific threads and without making a clear case about why he thinks certain moderation decisions were unjust should have their access to FI revoked or their account suspended (needless to say that they should be banned imo if they actually use the word "nazi"). I simply cannot believe, e.g. that you allowed fuzzynutz to go away with only a warning after starting 3 threads about the same matter, while having previously revoked Overseer's access to FI for starting duplicate threads after his first ones were locked.

    I hope that my suggestions will be considered. Thank you for your time.

    Edit: Grabnutz and B.B. have kindly requested through PM that I add that they agrees with what I say. Doubtless they do not stand alone. This only serves to illustrate that this new system is inefficient. Is it not obvious? We already have 3 threads on the same issue and members are asking through PM to express their opinion in order not to start a fourth one...
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    Tiberius, I think this is the very kind of thing the staff is trying to stop. If two other members already said what you are thinking why did you bother to post yet another thread on the subject?
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    Because it should be apparent that several members disagree, it is not obvious that the previous thread starters represent the opinion of all members. Or is it?

    Furthermore I wanted to suggest that there should be a penalty for those who seem too keen on making threads about unfair moderation; this kind of FI abuse has contributed to us arriving at the state we are today.

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