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The banning of my two threads

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    Fiction The banning of my two threads

    If ceejay comes on here and tells me that both those threads were so poor that he would have personally locked them himself then I will hold my hands up.

    As it is, I fail to see how either are heading towards some sort of bottomless-pit-monster that will destroy the essence of the Relic Forums. Because ultimately, as one of the more senior senior members on here, I would have thought I'd be given the respect accorded to others of my experience. God knows I used to post like a tool when I was younger!

    And as for blu's expression that my ideas and posting style currently need revision, I thought him bright enough to realise that as long as they make sense to me then that's all I can guarantee when I eventually decide to hit "post". Regardless of the fact that I haven't slept in three days (my grandma's funeral was Thursday and Chelsea won the league - two events important to me) I have still been able to successfully convey any/all of my current thinking, in one form or another, to three people via MSN and several more in person.

    If he thinks that was bad he should try hearing what's in my head. It's what I (hopefully self-deprecatingly) call "drivel" and is essential to determining the most concise way to phrase something. If I had come on here looking to merely post what I thought to be my proof, then the discussion would be prejudiced even moreso, as it is the capability of everything in this universe to comprehend the concept which more than a dozen persons have told me they agree with in principle.

    All the best to the Relic Forums (and the following is not a threat) but if tomorrow dawns and something is neither different with myself nor the moderating staff's opinions on this then I see no reason to return until the rules are relaxed. Theoretically, if you can comprehend that these forums are merely the product of our collective imaginations (and have no intrinsic value) then it is possible to run a forum through democracy as long as people, including serious nutcases, are given the freedom to express their sincerest thoughts. Obviously, there is an age limit that is imposed upon this place, but that too ultimately can be removed. We're managing to affect this at the Chelsea forums I am admin for, but it is taking time and is not without serious hiccups.

    I certainly did not expect an increased level of supervision from the moderating staff here, or have some of the mods I used to know phased themselves out as well? If not, then perhaps the strain of the WarHammer forums - are they still as much of a nightmare? - has gotten to everyone of you ;~)

    Yours in apparent sincerity,

    -Smell Russo

    *Btw, my faith in God, the universe and myself is so absolute now that I no longer feel the need to preface every other sentence with a disclaimer along the lines of "I think" as it is self-evident the only absolution I may be experiencing is contment with my own beliefs. If that offends anyone, then so be it.

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    In my own opinion, Both threads were rather pointless. I passed on intervening with the first one because, well, you were coming out of stasis and sticking your head up with a meaningless poll. That is the sort of thread that has a limited run, and you can't really be surprised at that. The second one was "Hey, anyone like football?" That was all I understood of it, and Scribb tells me he's a Chelsea fan and that's all he got out of it, too.

    If a senior member (or otherwise established boardie) posts something I'm not sure is worthwhile, I try to imagine they have thirty posts and a reg date of last Tuesday, and that usually dispels any uncertainty regarding the proper course. If you want to start some kind of discussion about Chelsea then give the rest of us something to go on. They just won a game, that's all I could tell from your post. "Does anyone like football?" is not a topic. :/

    Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I know that even the most tangential of relatives leaves an unsettling gap upon their passing, so the closer ones are typically rougher.
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    Thanks for your sincere response old friend, you're the first person (in response to me of course) who's come to terms with the notion that you can represent yourself online (while talking to even the nuttiest of n00b) as you best you would come off "in real life" - a distinction I think fishy first taught me on here one day.

    As for your response to my response (which was an honest one considering my surprise at the way thing's have changed here) when I wake up tomorrow I'll come on and here properly evaluate the what, four, posts I've made?

    I mean so far all I know is that considering I haven't slept in nearly 100 hours to date I cannot possibly be 100%, but it is partly that realization that still allows me to post what I hope turns out to be comprehensible posts.

    Theoretically speaking, I think it's possible for me never to fall asleep (I've actually conscientiously brought myself out of a slumber for the second time a few mins ago, and until I fall asleep I won't work out if it represents some sort of conscious lucidity when it comes to specifically being asleep)...

    As one sort of catch-all, I think the fact that we disagree on certain things means that the truth for these forums at this time (and possibly always, they'll always just be the "Relic Forums" to me...) lies potentially somewhere in between our two points of view.

    Theoretically given the mental capacity of I'd say at least two dozen of the members I remember on here (at a guess) this to me can be the online version of The Speculative Society except that learning from the past means we can attempt to never fail in an unoriginal way.

    Oh, and before I pop off to the land of nod, I'd just like to say that if I am truly a product of my own life, then in terms of the internet's influence every Relic boardie who's ever talked to me has contributed in some form to my current state of near-'eternal bliss'...

    And I'd like to give thanks for that!

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    I agree with Squidie on the football thread, it had little potential of going anywhere and I could -in all honesty- barely understand it. While yes, most likely we could have had an intriguing conversation on football (and why America owns at it)(both forms), the intial post needed work.

    As to the poll: Actually, this one should have been let go as our monthly(ish) quota of spam. We haven't had one in awhile, it was rather clever, and it was already growing exponentially.

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    The point I was trying to make is that if that thread is allowed to continue towards infinity then as long as I made the first post, everyone else (and collectively speaking that's a power bigger than my own, magnified by the proportions of understand of each respective person) would eventually be able to find happiness by learning to post in a self-realized meta-ethical way.

    And from that capability stems the knowledge to become of yourself what you wish, because ultimately the only limit you possess is the one you impose on your imagination, or curiosity, etc, etc...

    That's the best I can explain it before it starts becoming tiresome for me, if you get me. I apologise if anyone has trouble keeping up, but essentially the fact that I'm writing all this down means that I'm still learning as I'm going and I can feel myself refining the whole basis of my beliefs even if the change is so slight that I don't consciously notice...

    As for the post about football, the only thing I wanted to start off was just to ask anyone who wished to respond how they were doing? If you knew the forum that had (but hasn't now) ultimately replaced Relicnews in my affections you'd understand that even for there you just have to type in the subject line "Morning" and put in the field "Had a good night?" for one to illicit just one response.

    In certain ways both are better than the other in various ways, but I would add that the Chelsea one is either for very thick-skinned people, or people who couldn't care less what anyone else says, ie; there exists occasional racism/homophobia that wouldn't be tolerated here for example.

    Right, bed - no more posts!

    Nice to see you're still about Bonnet, I remember the craziest things you used to say, especially when you first joined, lol!

    [edit: i keep finding little mistakes, but as long as the comprehension can exist with them i don't think i need bother making sure everything i say is revised on here again, and again...]

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    El Russo i have no opinion therefore no comment on either thread, however i did want to offer my condolences for the loss of your grandmother. Try to get some rest and take care of yourself.

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    I'm afraid that I you won't remember me from the good old days. I'm joined far too recently for that. To give you a little hint of who I am, I'd like you to know that I don't like football (soccer). I also have to say that I don't find much discussion value in "Hi, how's it going" type threads. That's not to say that I am a social reject - it's just not why I visit forums.

    Of course, there is a place for "hi, how's it going" threads. Well, almost. The newcomers' forum lets you say "hi" and others tend to welcome you into the community, especially if you are a returning member from times past.

    Before closing, I'd also like to express my sympathy. Hearing of someone else's loss always brings back the emotions I felt when I lost members of my own family. One such loss is quite recent and others are several years in the past. In a way I (and most others who read your post) are sharing a little bit of your sorrow.

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    Hope you're doing ok Russo, and that by the time you read this, you'll have got some sleep mate, I wouldn't reccomend trying to go without it.

    I'm sorry I locked your thread, but GD's a place of very high traffic, and it had become a bit of a nothing thread, not a welcome back, nor a sensible discussion, that's only effect on anyone reading was confusion, so I thought it was best to bring it to a close. My point was only about your slightly elastic command of english at present, it was supposed to be light hearted, and I'm sorry if it didn't come across that way.

    As I said, hope you're feeling ok mate.

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    Thanks all of you guys - my gran had a good life Soul, I do remember you cfoley, and blu, I hope to you see tomorrow!!

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    Yeah, I used to post a lot as well-I still have the PMs from one of the admins who tried to reign me in on a bad day of topic making and locking. As people have said before, condolences relative to your grandmother. Take a day off away from the 'puter; that usually helps.
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