Relic Forums Senior Member FAQ

What is a Senior Member?

Senior Members are essentially "trusted" forum members who have either been here for a while and know the ropes, or have contributed something of significance which demonstrates to us that they are responsible members of our little intarweb community. You will find many more artists in "The Studio" forum and modders in the "RDN" section who are senior members than people in the general discussion sections of various games, for instance.

Why would I want to become a Senior Member?

The most apparent reason is having the ability to choose your own custom avatar and user title under your name. You are also afforded a nice new shiny badge above all of your posts, which will immediately cause any non-senior members to become green with envy.

Whilst these reasons may sound superficial, the ability to present a unique custom user profile on an internet forum has a number of less apparent benefits. You instantly become more easily recognisable, meaning that we (the staff and other forum members) will generally credit you with a little more authority, regard you with a little more patience and pay more attention to your ramblings than they would with others whom we don't know. Call it a form of favouritism if you like, but thats the way this abstracted notion of an internet personality works.

How do I become a Senior Member?

Senior Membership works on an advocacy system. The staff forum has a permanent thread where senior members can be nominated - and staff can nominate anyone they choose, for any reason at all. If you've been here for a while (a couple of years, for example), stay out of trouble and contribute to discussions, you are likely to be awarded with senior member status eventually.

Some things to be aware of if you are wanting to expediate the nomination process:

Make yourself known to the community by:
  • Making more thoughtful, meaningful or humorous contributions to discussions
  • Become more involved in the community. Some examples of this can include:
    • Becoming a regular on the community IRC channel
    • Contributing art/fiction to the Studio
    • Enter various competitions run around the place
    • Making/contributing to game mods
    • Running a respectable community website
  • Helping new members find their way around
  • Helping others solve problems in the tech forums
Some things to be aware of if you are wanting to impede the nomination process:

Check this page. If you see lots of points there against your name, there is not much chance of you becoming a senior member anytime soon.

Don't backseat moderate. Being a conscientious poster doesn't mean being a boy scout. Leave that stuff up to us, or click the "report post" button () if you wish to draw our attention to something.

Be patient. Don't keep posting in threads about how you should be/want to be a senior member, it will happen in due time if it's meant to.